Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eight Years Old 1981

I was born in 1973 in Keene, New Hampshire. I was an only child to older parents. My father worked quite a bit and I spent a lot of time with my mother who was a stay at home mom. I was a little lonely and longed for a sibling. My mother read to me every evening and for awhile we had been reading the Little House on the Prairie Series. I adored those books and the spirited Laura. I idealized her and wanted to be just like her, so I decided one day that I would write a book of my life just like her and this is how it began. To this day, I have continued to journal. I have volumes and probably thousands of pages of my life written down. Some of it is a time capsule of my life and its happenings, my feelings, my ponderings, and a good bit of it is venting my struggles..to the hearing, non-judgemental pages before me. I wish to share a bit of it here in this blog, edited of course, to protect the innocent (LOL!) -including myself.

Here are my first few pages:

These didn't scan so well..need to figure out a way to make it more readable:

Chaper 1: Sad on the hot water. Once there was a little girl named Melinda and she allways thought of Laura and she wanted to right a book of her life likeLaura. and she is eight. Sometimes it is isad and sometimes it is happy. My mother's name is Cindy. My father's name is David but don't get tricked Because my doll is name David too. Ok Lets begin now.

Page 2: One time I wanted to help my mother blanch some zucchini my mother said yes but I'm am not ready so I cleaned my bookase then my mother called me then I saw the steam it ccarried me I droped the pan with the zucchini and the water splashed onto my foot we quickly put my foot in water it was no use I called the Docter and I had to go to the hospital they said 1 or 2 days then second day they said it was deep so they said I had to have anoperation.

Page 3: then the next day they said I didn't have to have teh operation I flet better then next week came then he said I had to have the operation then I hurt I found out that it didn't hert I cam ehome Friday. I missed my father and mother. I go to school. it stil herts wen you touch it. mom said Melinda do's it hurt wen you touch it. then I went to school I cam e home from school then my father came home from work.


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