Friday, March 27, 2009

What this blog will be about

I was reflecting this morning about what this blog will be about. I want it to be important, somehow, not just for my own reflection, but somehow be of service to others?? All these years of writing journals I imagined that someday someone would open them up and see a picture of what it might be like to live during this time period. It is an important time to be much is happening, falling apart, building up at the same time. Technology is incredible, but that isn't as important as the spiritual development of this age. What really is the spiritual development that is happening?

I grew up as a Baha'i and am raising my children in the Faith.. How is that important? It feels important to me... But why write about this for a more public medium. Why share my journals? I'm not sure why it might be important. I haven't done anything REALLY important. I am just a ....person..not a really important person. But what I am doing feels important to me..raising my children the best way I know how, crossing my fingers that they will grow up to be okay, happy, contribute to the world in a positive way..

I am trying to live more sustainably...This past year, we have taken some big steps..making bread, trying to buy much less processed foods, choosing organic and natural products, buying bar shampoo to minimize the plastic pacakaging..things like that. That feels important..minimizing our footprint. I have been such a packrat...still am, still trying to attack that pattern and trying to limit our clutter...Not as successful at that goal..yet..but still trying. It seems important, because our planet is on the edge of becoming a wasteland of toxicity.. perhaps that is a dramatic way of saying it?? but it feels like it is becoming so toxic.. all the landfills, all the toxins. That is a blog entry all in we looked for a house to buy and when faced with where will we live for years and years..and what we don't want to live next to??

In any case, I want this blog to be the time capsule I envisioned my journals to be. I want to include some of their entries so that those thoughts are not lost..The paper will not last forever, they will disintegrate over time, and I feels so will those thoughts and feelings be forgotton. This blog will allow me to preserve them a little bit in another way.

Is my life interesting enough to be worthy of this project. I don't know.. Are my thoughts interesting enough to make it worthwhile for some people to read?? I don't know. But we'll see...I'll give this blogging a shot! (-; Well, I'd better check on my kids.. Hopefully they aren't getting into too much trouble right now!


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