Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thinking about Beds and Chemicals

cat in tree

Our cat Lily in our tree...Signs of Spring..sweet smells of things growing. We are just getting over being sick and I am getting over a sinus infection. I seem to get a lot of those. I think I am allergic to dust. Every time I wake up in the morning, I sneeze about 15 times. I opened up the windows of our house and let in some fresh air.

It is making me think about our beds...the dust in the down our mattresses..pillows. We need new pillows. I think my son has the same allergy I do..I am thinking about his bed and my duty to him to protect him..and do what I can to keep him healthy.
That comforter is leaking out down and probably tons of dust even after washing it..and that pillow that he puts his head on...

But that is not all..

Most mattresses, pillows...perhaps comforters too? are doused in a fire retardant that has horrible chemicals that offgas. We sleep 1/3 of our lives on pillows that have neurotoxins in them..that can cause all kinds of problems..cancer??

My baby has been sleeping in dust and gas for almost 6 years of his life!!

And I have probably been doing the same for 35 years? Yikes!

Started doing some research. The answer lies in using wool instead of down...and either getting new mattresses, or getting mattress covers with polyethylene to block the dust and the offgasses.

Expensive $$$$$$$$

I'm thinking organic wool... But not all at once. Who can afford to completely change out our bedding overnight.

But it makes me angry that we have to do this to get rid of some of the toxins in our home.. Why on earth did manufacturers put awful chemical in our BEDDING?! How many people even know that they are breathing in this awful stuff every night? How many people have chronic problems because of this?

I'm thinking of starting with pillows..the closest things to our faces.

What is our future?? the future of our children? Our world has become so filled with chemicals that are making us sick...and sicker still.. I know so many people who have gotten cancer lately..Scary to me..

Our cosumerism..our culture of consumerism...there are consequences to it.. And I know I am a part of that cause... I am the worst packrat..and I love stuff as much as anyone. I love to get toys for my kids, but I'm starting to realize that each plastic things that enters our home comes with it, chemicals that can affect their very ability to reproduce! (Phthalate, lead..)Toys are not looking so good least the plastic and painted ones.

There are times I think I really want to live in a log cabin in the 1800's and grow and hunt my own food..that model is looking better and better.. Perhaps not in entirely...we can't go back, but perhaps there can be a modern version of that fits our time and culture.


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