Sunday, August 30, 2009

Message in a Bottle: Metablogging

The idea of blogging is fairly new to me. The idea of journaling is not.

Last night I was thinking about the concept of it and how incredible it is.

Whenever I journal, I imagine I am talking to someone...perhaps to God, or in hope that someday someone might read it...although, perhaps many of those pages I don't really want just anyone reading...

Blogging on the internet is more public. Perhaps, I am still writing to "God" in case no one is really reading this.. But, I think, perhaps, many that do blog do have a reader or two or two hundred..

In any case, as I write, it is almost like putting a message in a bottle and releasing it to the sea-to the world. Perhaps someone will find it; perhaps no one will.. I may never know the outcome of it.

There are proably thousands who blog? millions? I don't know.. All these bottles floating out in the ocean looking for a reader. Perhaps some of them are an "SOS to the World"..Many people reaching out..perhaps in loneliness, or simply wanting to connect in a meaningful way. Perhaps someone wants their 5 minutes of fame from it. There are probably countless motivations for it. But my imagination of it is that there are many souls reaching out with blogging- wanting to say something they can't easily say to other people in everyday association.

I think of the movie Powder.. We don't realize how connected we are. We see ourselves as separate, but we are truly connected and we don't "see" it. We are more the "same" than we think we are. Our feelings..our need to connect. This blogging experience IS truly amazing. It is spiritual...each post is like a light out into the ocean..and expression of who we are..and that desire to connect with each other..and perhaps our Creator..

This is my own photo. (-;


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