Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waste Free Lunches

Picture from http://www.planetbox.com/index.html

My son is about to start the first grade. This is his first year of "full-time" school. Last year he did PM kindergarten. I do not want to feed him PBJ everyday. I remember I got sick of those cold meals everday; and I don't want to pay for the school lunch either except on occasion as a treat. I am starting to do some research into possible lunches; easy lunches, but appealing to his pallate. I am also researching lunch boxes. I am learning that there are types of lunchboxes where you don't have to use plastic bags anymore or juice boxes..hence waste free lunches!

I am turning the lunch making into something fun instead of a chore! Some of the lunches online look really good. I'm not sure how much work they are, though..I don't have "all day" to make lunches either. (-;

Picture taken from: http://www.cookingformonkeys.com/

Here are some sites that were recommended and that I found.


For lunchboxes:


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