Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patrick Swayze RIP!

I used to keep the TV guide pictures of him in my old journals

Patrick Swayze was the one male actor I truly had a crush on for YEARS! Just last night he passed away from pancreatic cancer and I think looking back at his life; he mostly lead a life of integrity and dignity (for a Hollywood star) for so many years! He married his wife in 1975 and remained married to his death. I never remember hearing any relationship type "dirt" on him whatsoever! A true gem. He will be missed!

I first "knew him" as Orry from North and South when the mini series aired on TV. Then I saw Red Dawn, The Outsiders. I was already fascinated by him when I saw an ad that Dirty Dancing was coming to theaters. I remember I was in the dentist's office reading a magazine with the ad. (of course I had to go see it!)

What do you remember about him?





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