Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some of my FAVORITE (Inspirational) Childrens' Authors

The Following list of picture books are some of my absolute favorite childrens' books! Books that I think can help guide our children and help this next generation onto a positive life path.

By Jon Muth

Zen Ties- "the importance of the "ties" we have to each other.

Zen Shorts: Letting go and being detached from material things and grudges..

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth-Humility and appreciation for others..

The Three Questions-Being in the present.

Stonecutter-appreciate who you are and what you are doing, because it/you are special.

Stone Soup-The importance of community and sharing.

By Jeff Brumbeau and Gail De Marcken
The Quiltmakers Gift: True joy comes from giving away, rather than hoarding.

Robert McCloskey

Blueberries for Sal: Simplicity of picking berries through the eyes of a child and bear cub.

One Morning in Maine: Losing a tooth and making a wish-appreciating nature and people around us.

By Max Lucado:

The Crippled Lamb-Even the most seemingly significant can have the most important pupose in life

You are Special: People often label-but that is not who we to free ourselves from those labels..

You are Mine: What you HAVE is not what makes you have value.

Alice Mclerran and Barbara Cooney

Roxaboxen-Simplicity of the desert and the amazing ability of children to use their imagination.

Miss Rumphius-Making the world more beautiful-the simplicity of planting flowers.

Barbara M. Joosse and Mary Whyte
I Love You the Purplest- A mother's love for each of her children is unique.

Douglas Wood and Dan Andreasen

A Quiet Place: Finding that quiet place-within

A prayer for Fluffy- Sometimes our prayers aren't answered in the way we think, but it is answered in the way that is best.

Janan Cain
The Way I Feel- We all have different feelings at different times. (it is important for children to be able to identify their feelings in themselves and others)

Robert Neubecker
Courage of the Blue Boy- It is all the colors/talents of people that make this world a beautiful place. Each person/culture has something to contribute.

(Illumiation Arts Publishing)-many great books under this pulication company! (the next 3 books are through this company)

Cindy McKinley and Mary Gregg Byrne
One Smile-The power of a smile and how that can impact many more people than we think-Pay it Forward concept.

Chara M. Curtis and Cynthia Aldrich
Fun is a Feeling -Fun comes from a choice-from within

Chara M. Curtis and Cynthia Aldrich
All I see is a Part of Me-We are connected to everything around ourselves.

by Joseph Anthony

In a Nutshell-The stages of a tree and its survial and even after it dies it becomes a part of something else.

Tony Bradman and Jason Cockcroft
Daddy's Lullaby-Show how fathers can be very nurturing.


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