Sunday, September 6, 2009

Water Bottles

Many years ago, I was very excited about the new nalgene bottles. I thought the water tasted great and I loved the feel of the bottle and I really liked the attached cap that I wouldn't lose. I was bummed when I heard that BPA leached from it. (Bisphenol A)

BPA made news. It is in canned foods..the plastic that lines the aluminum cans(another reason to avoid processed foods).. Even in small quantities it can cause reproductive problems...Children are the most vulnerble because they are still developing. My children for a long time drank water from sippy cups that most likely leached BPA. (not sure- but probably..) They also teethed on plastic toys that were made in China and probably had lead in the paint and leached not only BPA but also Phthalates

Are were going to die? No, and we'll all probably be fine (I hope); however, knowing this information makes me more informed and I know I can vote with my pocketbook..If I (and many many others) buy products that are "less toxic" companies will make them..So, I've been eliminating the plastic toys and I bought SIGG water bottles and having my children drink from glasses rather than plastic cups. The frustrating part of this is that it does not always end there.
Recently SIGG has confessed that there was BPA in the liners of their bottles prior to 2009 (although they claimed to be "green") I "thought" that because they were made in Switzerland that they were going to be more "trustworthy".. These bottles are made from aluminum and lines with an epoxy, because aluminum also causes problems such as altheimers.. To SIGG's credit, they have offered a replacement to people who have the older bottles. (My SIGG bottle's decoration said.."Make Love Not Landfill"...Upon returning my SIGG bottle, I painfully realized that by returning it I was sending it to a landfill...maybe they will recycle it. I think they probably will...but still..

I decided that instead of getting new Siggs with my refund that I would opt for a bottle with stainless steel that didn't need a liner. Who knows...if stainless truly is safe. Many seem to think that 18/8 stainless is safe...For now, it seems it is?? Hopefully, we'll be use these replacements for awhile.

What is frustrating is "trends"..and "throw-aways" and marketing in all this... I'm sure there is always going to be something wrong with a product that will cause everyone to throw away what they previously thought was a great product for something newer, better.. I feel a little icky about returning the Siggs.. Should I have just kept them even at the risk of the BPA?

In any case, I think it is still better than buying all that bottled water...and throwing away (or even recycling) all those plastic containers. Even returning the sigg bottles, (i think) is better than buying all that bottled water.. and much better than soda...

Still, I thought when I bought the Sigg, I was getting something non-toxic.. and now with the klean kanteen, I hope for that too, but who knows??

I suppose life by definition is not "safe"...there are risks in anything!! Some are dramatic immediate the risk of getting in a car accident or getting Swine Flu..and some are slower risks like the risk of getting cancer (someday)..

Still, if I don't want to "knowingly" use something toxic for a long duration.... if I can help it and if I can change it without going bankrupt..


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