Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flu and Vaccination Worries

  • I just had an amazing "facebook" conversation about vaccinations and the swine flu. I have been extrememly torn about whether or not to vaccinate my children for the flu. The current mainstream advice from the CDC is to get both the seasonal and the swine flu vaccines. My current decision rests on the severity of this flu. At this time, most people are surviving this flu.
  • A week ago, our family (the four of us) took a trip to the doctors to get the seasonal flu shot. I had been agonizing all week about even that decision(losing sleep), because I wondered if getting the seasonal would compromise our immune systems enough to make us more vulnerble to getting the swine flu. There are a few things that make me wonder about that. 1. the adjuncts in the flu vaccine do mess with your immune system (or so I've heard)..possibly weakening it.. 2. there is an unpublished, unreleased study that says you are twice as likely to get the swine flu if you have had the seasonal flu shot. Neither is proven (that I know of) Still, it is enough to make me wonder if it is wise.. We don't ususally get the flu shot.. and we haven't had the flu in a long time. I had prayed the night before that if it was not the right decision for God to make it not happen somehow. It did not happen. My son was already fighting 2 viruses, and the nurse recommended not getting the shot that week until he was completely better. I took that "out" with much relief. It had made me feel "sick" inside at the thought of getting the shot, because once we got the seasonal flu vaccine, I felt we we going down a road that would commit us to getting the swine flu vaccine.. (not necessarily, but that's how it felt..) It didn't really make sense to me to get the seasonal vaccine first..
  • I am not anti-vaccine (yet).. Our family is "fully" vaccinated. I did not really question the wisdom in this. My children are even vaccinated against chickenpox..which really isn't necessary, is it?? My children have never been diagnosed with autism. But the possible link to mercury and autism is hard to ignore. I have seen many many autistic children, but I have never ( that I know of) known someone to die of the flu. (which makes me think the risk of autism is higher than dying of the flu) I know many people do die of the flu..or should I say pnemonia. (The numbers of people dying of flu and people dying of pnemonia have been lumped together to make it seem like more people die of the flu than actually do) This "fact" has been repeated over and over..but it is not fully factual.
  • So much information is thrown out there as "fact" on either side of this debate...but so much of it is slanted one way or the other..and most of it is not "fact".
  • Just the other day, the newpaper, The Oregonian, stated that it was a "fact" that the flu vaccine is safe on pregnant women:
  • Myth: Pregnant women should not get a flu shot because it might endanger the Reality: The biggest threat to the health of the baby fetus is a threat to the health of the mother. A flu shot poses no harm to a fetus, but influenza poses a risk to both mother and baby. Pregnant women, who are six times as likely as others to require hospital care for flu, are one of in the priority groups for both flu vaccines.
  • I do not think it was correct for them to say this at all. It says on the vaccine insert that it hasn't even been tested on pregnant women or fetuses..There is no knowledge one way or the other.. The insert even says that only pregant women who have very clear need of the vaccine should get it, because it does not guarantee that it is safe for them.
  • 8.1 PregnancyPregnancy Category C: Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine or FLUVIRIN. It is also not known whether Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine or FLUVIRIN can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity. Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.
  • Another point to make is that for many children, if they do get the seasonal and swine vaccine, they will be getting 4 flu vaccinations in a very short period of time. That is unprecedented and untested. If some people react to one or two shots of a flu much or a reaction could occur with 4 injections?!
  • All that being said, I am still going to wait and see. I have enough worry about the vaccine, that I am not going to be one of the first to vaccinate my long as the virus remains fairly temperate..The risk of side effects are perhaps quite low? No one knows for sure about this new vaccine.. Still.... I have a bad feeling about the vaccine..and I am worried about the flu too.
  • The worst kind of decision are the lose-lose scenario. there is a risk on either side. which risk is greater right now?? I'm not sure. Right now, I cringe at the thought of putting something into my children that I do not feel is 100% safe.. I'm not even sure it is 75% safe.. But I REALLY cringe at the thought of my children DYING of the flu too..but dying of it doesn't seem too likely?? (right now)
  • I am finding that many people are afraid.. The media does not help this. There seems to so often be the favor of instilling the most fear into us.. Probably because fear sells..Who knows? Some might go to the length to say that there is a benefit to the drug first convince us we could that we all will buy their "product".. That it is a conspiracy. I suppose there have been some true conspiracies. Check out the way advertising and government can work together.. Our whole culture is materialism based. We are "consumers" not people.. and life is about buying and acquiring new "stuff".. I wouldn't go quite that far, but if you see that video, you will understand what I am talking about.
  • But, aside from the "conspiracy theory"..which almost doesn't even matter one way or the other to me.. I am still faced with protecting my children and seeing through all the "bull" out there. I realized that all the info confused me.. I had hoped that becoming more informed, I'd have a clearer path.. But that hasn't been the case. I have been faced with not fully trusting either side..There is propoganda on each side. Fear tactics on each side.
  • So, that leaves me with prayer. PRAYER!! for a clear mind. and for a gut feeling that will tell me which choice. Right now, that feeling is leading me to waiting a bit.. I have already decided against the seasonal flu vaccine "before" the swine. The flu I'm most worried about is the swin flu. IF, the vaccine does weaken our bodies.. My next plan of action is to build our immune systems. Vitamin D3. Good food. Probiotics. Exercise. Going to see a naturalpath. Teas. garlic. avoiding sugar. At least doing those things, won't risk a bad side effect. And if we do get the flu, hopefully, our bodies will be better able to fight it.
  • Another tidbit of info is that this flu may peak this month. In the past pandemics, they have followed a different timeline..peaking in Oct/Nov. The 1918 flu actually mutated for the worst in August. This flu, that we know of, has not done that yet, and it is already October. At a best case scenario, perhaps, it will only weaken soon... but I don't think it has peaked in Oregon yet. (The second wave of the 1918 pandemic was much deadlier than the first. During the first wave, which began in early March, the epidemic resembled typical flu epidemics. Those at the most risk were the sick and elderly, and younger, healthier people recovered easily. But in August, when the second wave began in France, Sierra Leone and the United States,[40] the virus had mutated to a much more deadly form.
  • I want to include some websites I have browsed in this journey. The first is one I actually recommend because Dr. Sears seems to be the most factual and unbiased. (that I can tell). Dr. Mercola is interesting..good info on vit d, etc..but I think he uses fear and is VERY anti-vaccine.. I'm not sure I totally trust his opinion, but there is a lot of useful information there. I am also including the cdc info as well. I think in order to find "truth" we must look at all sides. If this flu does mutate and become "more" deadly..I will get the vaccine to my kids if there is vaccine left at that point..and if I don't hear of too many side-effects..

  • Flu vaccine inserts:

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