Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are we taking care of our world or ourselves??

  • From the Oregonian World page November 3, 2009: "One in five mammals and 70% of plants are cited as threatened"

  • From the subsequent website: "Out of the 47,677 species in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 17,291 were deemed to be at serious risk.
    These included 21% of all known mammals, 30% of amphibians, 70% of plants and 35% of invertebrates. "

    BBC NEWS Science & Environment Species' extinction threat grows

This is HUGE! I am on a trend of thinking... This journey of deciding whether or not to vaccinate our family for the swine flu...and trying to decide what information to trust has required me to turn on many filters and view everything I read with scrutiny. One thing I noticed is that most doctors/CDC information have not answered some critical questions---why have they not tested the flu vaccine on pregnant women? Why are they not (really) looking into the correlation of mercury and autism? Of those who have died, how many of them had received the seasonal flu vaccine either this year or the previous year? How many come from homes where there is "smoking" etc.. Why are they hugely selling this vaccine without truly guaranteeing its safety..They say it is "safe" but are not really answering all the questions regarding its safety..

My mother had epilepsy and was taking dilantin. She chose to go off the medication when she bacame pregnant with me. The doctor assured her that the drug was safe while she was pregnant. She did not believe him. Now----they are finding that there are birth defects from dilantin use. (Hindsight) She followed her gut and I am thankful she did.

History shows time and time again the mistakes we make, yet we forget.. I wish to cite more on this and plan to add more to this blog entry..

We have not been taking care of our planet. We have not been really taking care of ourselves...the food we eat is so highly processed (bad oils, fats, chemicals, preservatives) and "dead"-The meat we eat comes from very ill animals that are pumped with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, etc.. Our vegetables are full of pesticides. The toys our babies chew on are filled with phalates, lead, etc..The number of vaccines that are required has increased quite a bit over the past few years (and they are often coctailed with things like fromeldahyde(sp?) mercury, adjuncts.) There are tons of toxins that we CREATE --that are in the air, in the water, in our kitchen cabinets..and we are destroying our animals and plants..

Look at how badly our animals are doing, by looking at this article. We are also in the SAME boat...we are not immune to the effects that the animals and plants are suffering.

Still, we continue on this road... Buy buy buy, waste waste waste, throw away...still we are unsatisfied, becoming more obese, becoming more chronically ill... We need a new paradigm... We cannot blindly trust the advice to vaccinate...or buy this..

Getting this vaccine is no different from "buying" a product..We are pressured EVERY day to buy..consume...I get telemarkers call me even though I'm on the do not call list. I get people coming to my door. Commercials, billboards, ads...It is EVERYWHERE!

Consume. Consume. Consume.

The vaccine is MARKETED!

I'm not saying, "don't get the vaccine" You make your own decision..to do what you think is best for your situation. It could be a bad choice to not vaccinate...who knows? Only time will tell for sure how this unfolds....

But realize that we are being "pressured to buy" this vaccine...just like everything else!

Be wary and think "filter"...filter out the propganda..to make a decision based on fact and your own "gut".


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