Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Years Ago

Sacred Petal by Prachuap Chaikham-udom seen on Novica -05

Ten years ago. During the worry over Y2K; I was at my mother's funeral in New Hampshire.  Then spending the evening with Baha'is bringing the New Year..the new century.  Has it really been 10 years since I have talked to my mother..seen her face..??  It has been an amazing decade in my life begun with my mother's passing into the next world..Heaven, the Abha' Kingdom. A hard start, but a fruitful time.  I miss her...  I'm going to post what I said on Facebook on December 28th. (the date of her passing):

"Honoring my mother in my thoughts today. Ten years ago today she crossed over. She was the sweetest, most loving, and most determined soul. She had a wonderful smile that was truly radiant. And she was a very devoted mother to me; and wife to my father. She put others before herself. She was a dedicated Baha'i. And a strong woman. She had patience and transcendence. I wish her joy and peace in the next Heaven, the Abha' Kingdom..

Wishing you----a joyful next year and decade...  Welcome 2010.

Albert Ellis's list of Irrational Beliefs

Every once in awhile I think about my I went to school for my masters in I worked for awhile as a Play Therapist and a Program Therapist.  It has been years since I've worked in a professional setting.  But I think about it.  and I think about going back to work when both my children are in school all day.  I had an incredible professor at Oregon State University: Mary Lou.  That's it: no last name, just Mary Lou.  She was inspiring.  I had her for Theories.  There are many lessons I remember and one of them, I just spent quite a bit of time trying to find and it is a list of irrational beliefs we may have in life..  And here is the list: from this site:

I am not a cog-behavioral therapist..but I wanted to share this list because I remember Mary Lou talking about "shoulds"...We often think in terms of "shoulds" I should feel this way..I should have done this..I should be at this point in life..I should be better..  This list is exaggerated on purpose....  A good exercise is to look at the "shoulds" in your own life and "question your own thinking about them" whether they are healthy for you are making you "stuck"...stuck in shame..or whatnot. Are your "shoulds" helpful to you, or are they miring you so you can't grow...making you stuck..

Albert Ellis-Irrational Beliefs

For Women Only- That time of the month (-;

The montly cycle and buying pads and tampons, then disposing of them.  About 2 years ago, I think, I first heard of the concept of cloth pads, or sea sponge for tampons.  I thought I'd share this concept with you in case you haven't heard about them.  I think it is much better and ultimately cheaper than buying disposable ones.  They last a long time and clean in the washing machine really well.  I soak them in BacOut and water beforehand.  If you are really thrifty and have some skill, I'm sure they are easy to make. 

Garbage Island

Another reason to avoid using/buying plastic if you can!!! 

Trash Island is

This website says it well. In a nutshell: Trash Island is a mass of plastic debris in the ocean 2x the size of Texas. 30'deep.  There are 2 of them shown on this map.  It is like a plastic soup that is spoiling huge sections of the ocean. 

Wikipedia talks about it too:

A humorous approach to becoming informed about Trash Island:

some more images:

Computer and dishwasher troubles-an abyss

I installed iTunes recently and it caused havoc on the drivers and registries within the programming on our computer. I wasted hours trying to fix this problem.  First our DVD drive would not work at all.  Now, it will read cds, but it will not longer record them.  After hours of trying to fix the problem, I have still not prevailed in the battle.  The more you add to a system, the more complex it becomes..all the programs mesh and interact together..and have to be compatible..even uninstalling programs leaves residues and memory of when they were there...  Sooner or later, you have to wipe it clean, or get a new computer, etc..  They start to run slower and slower. I think the average life of a computer for us has been 5 years before it is either broken or obsolete, or maxed out in memory, etc..  This current computer is 3 years old..and already, it is showing signs of being on its way out..  Fortunately, installing the service packs has helped, but still that dvd drive is not what it should be.. 

On top of that, our almost 3 year old dishwasher is broken again.  a part in it corroded..a ribbon that communicated to the control panel.  We replaced it a few months ago and it worked fine after that..until now. It is corroding again. It cost $200 to replace that part.  Is it worth it to have it fixed (again)...I am leaning towards NOT...  and I don't want to buy a new one that will probably also break in a couple of years. What a waste.  I am thinking that the idea of dishwashers saving much time is a myth..  For a week now, I have been handwashing our dishes and forcing myself to wash them after every meal. when I do this, it is not such a big task.  With a working dishwasher, I spend a lot of time washing dishes anyway..rinsing the dishes, and washing pots and pans, etc..  I don't think I'm spending much more actual time washing dishes by hand..(as long as I keep up with it)  We'll see how I feel after a month of this.. 

In any case, had a thought about the computer trouble..and "life" and "relationships" and "issues"...adding software..  too much clutter to a system and it has to put it all together..and suddenly it isn't working as well. Trying to do too much, acquire too much stuff, fit it all in.... and suddenly it is a mess.  Our house gets like that and it is time to seriously purge....but how did all that stuff get into our house, our lives, in the first place.  It seems harder to clear it out than it was to "acquire" it...  as you trip over it..the baggage in your house, in your relationships..  sometimes I feel the need to clean so much of it out and start fresh with just the basics..but letting go of it is another story..

The service packs on the computer did help the performance and compatability of the programs, etc..  How does that translate into life?  I was feeling really crummy about iTunes..and really wanting to make it work with everything else on the computer.  and feeling especially crummy about all the hours it took from my life trying to fix it.  The more complex it comes, the more time it wastes.  The dishwasher is supposed to save time, but I don't think it does.  the computer eats so much time too....faster connection does not mean less time spent on the computer, but in actuality it equals more obsession with it..more you can do on it..more distractions from real life.

and relationships..the baggage of issues..cluttering up the quality of a friendship...too much added..not enough open space..rooms that could be used for play..are filled with hoardings of attachments..  "stuff" all this "stuff"...everywhere..  and signs saying "buy more" get the better one..

Have to share now something I got on a forwarded email and I guess I'll end with this...even though I could say so much more.. (-;  but in the meantime..avoid Maytag dishwashers!!!!!! 

buy it now

The Julie/Julia Project

The Julie/Julia Project

I recently saw the movie Julie Julia
And really enjoyed it!!  (quite a contrast to my Battlestar Galactica obsession awhile ago) It is a joyful, sweet, humorous movie.  But it was also inspiring to me for a couple of reasons:

Themes:  True stories of : Two women  30-40 something stage of life discovering a passion for cooking and writing.  Julie discovers blogging and that turns into a book and then a movie..  wow..  Julia learns to cook in her forties in France---not just cooking but "professional cooking"---artistically, masterfully..and she teaches writes a cookbook..and becomes one of the most influencial teachers of cooking in America.    Not only that, she seems to be a "joyful" person" unapologetic in how strong of a woman she was..but also very genuine and did I say..."joyful" least that is how she is portrayed..  I respect that way of being.. 

And Julie discovered blogging years ago!  2002 or 2003.  Her original blog is still online.  Julies' Blog Her challenge to blog everyday about doing every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in 365 turned into a transformative process for her and was quite a creative idea.

(I'm not quite saying this the way I'd like to..It's not a very good writing day for me)  I want to write well today...but it isn't coming out the way I'd like it to..  I'm not quite portraying my description of this "idea" as well as I'd like.  My ideas aren't transferring into words the way I'd like them to..  I "feel" very inspired by this "idea"...hoping that one day what I do now will be a form that is helpful to others.  It will be purposeful..  Julie and Julia did something that became meaningful to other people.  That is what I mean..and that is my hope with my own writing..that somehow this blog will transform into something..not sure it evolves. 

Ineffective swine flu vaccine recalled | Oregon Local News -

Interesting unfolding of events...I mean to post this awhile ago, but I haven't been able to sit down and blog lately.  Vaccines recalled because they have lost potency..  It confirms my suspicion that the vaccine may not even really help many people from getting the flu..  you take the risk and pump your body with the chemicals to protect you or your children and it may not even protect you. 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Enough"?? Shopping before before Christmas..

I went shopping today without the kids!  (a really good idea if you want a chance to actually "think" about what you are buying and not feel pressure to get something for them when they beg, etc.)  I've been holding out going to Fred Meyers for a long time.  Every time I go there, I spend much more money than I plan to-not to mention buy things that are not on my list.  I usually feel like I am in a trace the whole time I shop--all the stimulus--all the choices. Finding things I didn't know I wanted until I see them there.  I'm not sure I did a good job of "holding back"..  I tried being as disciplined as I could..trying to determine the difference between wants and needs, etc. This time I looked into buying things at discount at Big Lots first..but I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

I don't want to buy "cheap" things that will break, but I can't afford to buy everything sustainably either..  (I suppose if I had more time I'd search the bins at Goodwill outlet-second hand is probably the best way to go-recycle)  Yard sales are great too..but I am short on the "time" part of this..I don't have a system nailed down yet.  What I need to determine also is whether or not I can go "without"..if I don't have the time to find it second-hand--or sustainably made..perhaps I don't need some of those things??   (that is sooo much easier said than done for me)

 This is a struggle every time I go shopping, even online.  Two weeks before Christmas and it is the worst.  There is a "feeling" and "association" of wanting to buy..  Tis the season to buy..  (I hate being cynical, but it's true)  I come home, thinking I did "sortofok"...but feeling a little icky just the same(perhaps some of what I got was cheaply made or filled with toxins or hurting someone in the 3rd world)..perhaps a sign I didn't completely hold to getting only what was on my list.  What is enough?  How do I determine that?  I have a hard time figuring that out sometimes..and this strong urge to get what I want anyway.  I have this book, that I have read a little of, but I may revisit it.  Your Money or Your Life:
Another good resource, that I have yet to look into is freecycle:
I have also used craigslist on occasion too for buying and selling stuff:

In conclusion, I am thinking that after this, the best way to go with it is the concept of reusing..finding it used, better for the environment and the pocketbook..  But it does require some patience and time.  (which is hard when you have two young children often in tow.)  Then perhaps, the money saved can then go into buying what you really really want--from a sustainable, local source---this would be ideal, I think..  (I'm not there yet)  but it could be a goal..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Just Because you can...doesn't mean you need to.

I had a DREAM a few nights ago that I visited friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a long time at his home.  He confessed that he had earned ten billion dollars. He lived in a nice home by a lake, but not an extravagent home.  Simple.  His possessions were few, but good ones of good quality. I was surprised that his home was so simple. He could afford a mansion with the best of everything.  I realized as I looked around and talked to him, that he didn't need to.  He had what he needed to live comfortably, why flaunt it?  He could buy anything he wanted, but why should he?  It would be wasteful, boastful, needless.  He transcended the need to.  The dream made me reflect about how easy it is to splurge when there is money..but when there isn't somehow we find ways to cut corners and live more frugally, but are still fine.  Frugal is an intersting concept.  What is frugal, simple living in America? compared to other places?  Our frugal living is probably by world standards very extravagent.  When we are being frugal, there are twinges of discomfort..dang, can't buy that cd or go out to eat this week, etc..  But truly---what is the reality check of that?  Lets do some international travel and live in a less developed country...or even in this country, let's see what it is like to live as a homeless person does for a couple of days..or someone who has to share a one bedroom apartment with 8 people on a food budget of $200 a month..  Anyway, money that is available can sometimes be easily wasted...  I admired my friend in the dream who did not have the impulse (or fought the impulse) to spend just because he could.  Would I have that clear of a vision, or intention, of integrity to be able to control my own impulse to "splurge" "indulge"...??   Just because someone offers a gift, does not mean we have to take it, accept it, if we do not need it.  Just because we have a few dollars in the account one month, does not mean we have to spend it, use it up, etc..  

Miniature Earth video:  100 people: .

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

11 Dangerous Ingredients You Should Avoid at All Costs | | AlterNet

11 Dangerous Ingredients You Should Avoid at All Costs AlterNet

1. Coal Tar
2. Diethanolamine (DEA):
3. Formaldehyde:
4. Parabens:
5. Phenylenediamine (PPD):
6. Phthalates:
7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES):
8. Toluene:
9. Fragrance:
10. Triethanolamine (TEA):
11. Hydroquinone:

click on the link to read the details about these chemicals.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

peaceful parenting: Crying It Out Causes Brain Damage

peaceful parenting: Crying It Out Causes Brain Damage

I think it is interesting that this research is coming out now...after a quite a trend of parents having their kids cry it out...I never felt it was a good my gut, it never seemed to be the right thing to do.  I like the quote on this blog, "Remember, you are not managing an inconvenience; You are raising a human being." Kittie Franz

SoulPancake | How do you retain a sense of childlike wonder in your art?

SoulPancake How do you retain a sense of childlike wonder in your art?

I think my father has the gift of wonderment.  He loves to go on trips, and he gets so excited about it.  He chooses the window seat and watches everything that goes by.  He is in his seventies and still finds so much excitement and wonder from doing that.  How many of us go on trips and bury our heads in the movie or a book and do not even take the time to look out the window to see what goes by?  I admire this about my father and I see this gift also in my son...the gift of wonderment.  It is a precious gift--finding awe in simple things in life...true awe.  in a campfire, etc..  How wonderful my father still can find that awe in his seventies! 


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