Thursday, December 31, 2009

Albert Ellis's list of Irrational Beliefs

Every once in awhile I think about my I went to school for my masters in I worked for awhile as a Play Therapist and a Program Therapist.  It has been years since I've worked in a professional setting.  But I think about it.  and I think about going back to work when both my children are in school all day.  I had an incredible professor at Oregon State University: Mary Lou.  That's it: no last name, just Mary Lou.  She was inspiring.  I had her for Theories.  There are many lessons I remember and one of them, I just spent quite a bit of time trying to find and it is a list of irrational beliefs we may have in life..  And here is the list: from this site:

I am not a cog-behavioral therapist..but I wanted to share this list because I remember Mary Lou talking about "shoulds"...We often think in terms of "shoulds" I should feel this way..I should have done this..I should be at this point in life..I should be better..  This list is exaggerated on purpose....  A good exercise is to look at the "shoulds" in your own life and "question your own thinking about them" whether they are healthy for you are making you "stuck"...stuck in shame..or whatnot. Are your "shoulds" helpful to you, or are they miring you so you can't grow...making you stuck..

Albert Ellis-Irrational Beliefs


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