Thursday, December 31, 2009

Computer and dishwasher troubles-an abyss

I installed iTunes recently and it caused havoc on the drivers and registries within the programming on our computer. I wasted hours trying to fix this problem.  First our DVD drive would not work at all.  Now, it will read cds, but it will not longer record them.  After hours of trying to fix the problem, I have still not prevailed in the battle.  The more you add to a system, the more complex it becomes..all the programs mesh and interact together..and have to be compatible..even uninstalling programs leaves residues and memory of when they were there...  Sooner or later, you have to wipe it clean, or get a new computer, etc..  They start to run slower and slower. I think the average life of a computer for us has been 5 years before it is either broken or obsolete, or maxed out in memory, etc..  This current computer is 3 years old..and already, it is showing signs of being on its way out..  Fortunately, installing the service packs has helped, but still that dvd drive is not what it should be.. 

On top of that, our almost 3 year old dishwasher is broken again.  a part in it corroded..a ribbon that communicated to the control panel.  We replaced it a few months ago and it worked fine after that..until now. It is corroding again. It cost $200 to replace that part.  Is it worth it to have it fixed (again)...I am leaning towards NOT...  and I don't want to buy a new one that will probably also break in a couple of years. What a waste.  I am thinking that the idea of dishwashers saving much time is a myth..  For a week now, I have been handwashing our dishes and forcing myself to wash them after every meal. when I do this, it is not such a big task.  With a working dishwasher, I spend a lot of time washing dishes anyway..rinsing the dishes, and washing pots and pans, etc..  I don't think I'm spending much more actual time washing dishes by hand..(as long as I keep up with it)  We'll see how I feel after a month of this.. 

In any case, had a thought about the computer trouble..and "life" and "relationships" and "issues"...adding software..  too much clutter to a system and it has to put it all together..and suddenly it isn't working as well. Trying to do too much, acquire too much stuff, fit it all in.... and suddenly it is a mess.  Our house gets like that and it is time to seriously purge....but how did all that stuff get into our house, our lives, in the first place.  It seems harder to clear it out than it was to "acquire" it...  as you trip over it..the baggage in your house, in your relationships..  sometimes I feel the need to clean so much of it out and start fresh with just the basics..but letting go of it is another story..

The service packs on the computer did help the performance and compatability of the programs, etc..  How does that translate into life?  I was feeling really crummy about iTunes..and really wanting to make it work with everything else on the computer.  and feeling especially crummy about all the hours it took from my life trying to fix it.  The more complex it comes, the more time it wastes.  The dishwasher is supposed to save time, but I don't think it does.  the computer eats so much time too....faster connection does not mean less time spent on the computer, but in actuality it equals more obsession with it..more you can do on it..more distractions from real life.

and relationships..the baggage of issues..cluttering up the quality of a friendship...too much added..not enough open space..rooms that could be used for play..are filled with hoardings of attachments..  "stuff" all this "stuff"...everywhere..  and signs saying "buy more" get the better one..

Have to share now something I got on a forwarded email and I guess I'll end with this...even though I could say so much more.. (-;  but in the meantime..avoid Maytag dishwashers!!!!!! 

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