Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Enough"?? Shopping before before Christmas..

I went shopping today without the kids!  (a really good idea if you want a chance to actually "think" about what you are buying and not feel pressure to get something for them when they beg, etc.)  I've been holding out going to Fred Meyers for a long time.  Every time I go there, I spend much more money than I plan to-not to mention buy things that are not on my list.  I usually feel like I am in a trace the whole time I shop--all the stimulus--all the choices. Finding things I didn't know I wanted until I see them there.  I'm not sure I did a good job of "holding back"..  I tried being as disciplined as I could..trying to determine the difference between wants and needs, etc. This time I looked into buying things at discount at Big Lots first..but I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

I don't want to buy "cheap" things that will break, but I can't afford to buy everything sustainably either..  (I suppose if I had more time I'd search the bins at Goodwill outlet-second hand is probably the best way to go-recycle)  Yard sales are great too..but I am short on the "time" part of this..I don't have a system nailed down yet.  What I need to determine also is whether or not I can go "without"..if I don't have the time to find it second-hand--or sustainably made..perhaps I don't need some of those things??   (that is sooo much easier said than done for me)

 This is a struggle every time I go shopping, even online.  Two weeks before Christmas and it is the worst.  There is a "feeling" and "association" of wanting to buy..  Tis the season to buy..  (I hate being cynical, but it's true)  I come home, thinking I did "sortofok"...but feeling a little icky just the same(perhaps some of what I got was cheaply made or filled with toxins or hurting someone in the 3rd world)..perhaps a sign I didn't completely hold to getting only what was on my list.  What is enough?  How do I determine that?  I have a hard time figuring that out sometimes..and this strong urge to get what I want anyway.  I have this book, that I have read a little of, but I may revisit it.  Your Money or Your Life:
Another good resource, that I have yet to look into is freecycle:
I have also used craigslist on occasion too for buying and selling stuff:

In conclusion, I am thinking that after this, the best way to go with it is the concept of reusing..finding it used, better for the environment and the pocketbook..  But it does require some patience and time.  (which is hard when you have two young children often in tow.)  Then perhaps, the money saved can then go into buying what you really really want--from a sustainable, local source---this would be ideal, I think..  (I'm not there yet)  but it could be a goal..


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