Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Julie/Julia Project

The Julie/Julia Project

I recently saw the movie Julie Julia
And really enjoyed it!!  (quite a contrast to my Battlestar Galactica obsession awhile ago) It is a joyful, sweet, humorous movie.  But it was also inspiring to me for a couple of reasons:

Themes:  True stories of : Two women  30-40 something stage of life discovering a passion for cooking and writing.  Julie discovers blogging and that turns into a book and then a movie..  wow..  Julia learns to cook in her forties in France---not just cooking but "professional cooking"---artistically, masterfully..and she teaches writes a cookbook..and becomes one of the most influencial teachers of cooking in America.    Not only that, she seems to be a "joyful" person" unapologetic in how strong of a woman she was..but also very genuine and did I say..."joyful" least that is how she is portrayed..  I respect that way of being.. 

And Julie discovered blogging years ago!  2002 or 2003.  Her original blog is still online.  Julies' Blog Her challenge to blog everyday about doing every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook in 365 turned into a transformative process for her and was quite a creative idea.

(I'm not quite saying this the way I'd like to..It's not a very good writing day for me)  I want to write well today...but it isn't coming out the way I'd like it to..  I'm not quite portraying my description of this "idea" as well as I'd like.  My ideas aren't transferring into words the way I'd like them to..  I "feel" very inspired by this "idea"...hoping that one day what I do now will be a form that is helpful to others.  It will be purposeful..  Julie and Julia did something that became meaningful to other people.  That is what I mean..and that is my hope with my own writing..that somehow this blog will transform into something..not sure it evolves. 


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