Friday, December 11, 2009

Just Because you can...doesn't mean you need to.

I had a DREAM a few nights ago that I visited friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a long time at his home.  He confessed that he had earned ten billion dollars. He lived in a nice home by a lake, but not an extravagent home.  Simple.  His possessions were few, but good ones of good quality. I was surprised that his home was so simple. He could afford a mansion with the best of everything.  I realized as I looked around and talked to him, that he didn't need to.  He had what he needed to live comfortably, why flaunt it?  He could buy anything he wanted, but why should he?  It would be wasteful, boastful, needless.  He transcended the need to.  The dream made me reflect about how easy it is to splurge when there is money..but when there isn't somehow we find ways to cut corners and live more frugally, but are still fine.  Frugal is an intersting concept.  What is frugal, simple living in America? compared to other places?  Our frugal living is probably by world standards very extravagent.  When we are being frugal, there are twinges of discomfort..dang, can't buy that cd or go out to eat this week, etc..  But truly---what is the reality check of that?  Lets do some international travel and live in a less developed country...or even in this country, let's see what it is like to live as a homeless person does for a couple of days..or someone who has to share a one bedroom apartment with 8 people on a food budget of $200 a month..  Anyway, money that is available can sometimes be easily wasted...  I admired my friend in the dream who did not have the impulse (or fought the impulse) to spend just because he could.  Would I have that clear of a vision, or intention, of integrity to be able to control my own impulse to "splurge" "indulge"...??   Just because someone offers a gift, does not mean we have to take it, accept it, if we do not need it.  Just because we have a few dollars in the account one month, does not mean we have to spend it, use it up, etc..  

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