Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frugality and food. A Painters Palate

I was thinking quite a bit about my post yesterday about putting costs into perspective with "basic needs" and I found this blog about becoming more frugal.

I'm hoping to really read this blog and get some ideas..  One idea I liked so far is --quote-- "Almost Frugal is a blog about frugality and about learning to be frugal. For us, being frugal doesn't mean deprivation, it means being smart with your spending, saving and money goals." 

I think it is also about being creative...learning how to "make do with what you have"--turning what we have into different things--I am trying out this concept with my food shopping.  Sometimes I buy too much..this week, I thought in terms of "just getting by" letting some things "run out" (that it is okay to run out)and what has happened so far, is that we still have "plenty to eat"--I am finding food that would have been wasted is being turning it into "creative meals and snacks"--because that is all we have this week..  It forces me to be more creative....forces me to also cook from scratch more..(we have tons of bulk foods)--Bulk food is like a supply of art supplies to me..  So many possabilities of how to arrange them onto a canvas.   It is just as fun creating and cooking a meal to me as it is to compose a painting!  A few years ago, I had no idea how creative it could be to cook...It can occupy my mind, my body, and my creative energies..and provide healthy nourishment for my family all at the same time.  And it is limitless..the combinations..and possabilities..


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