Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I've been neglecting my practicing a bit...  Life has a way of getting ahead of me sometimes, but even though I've been neglecting it of late, I want to include the idea of it here.  I LOVE learning to play the violin!  It is an amazing instrument and the music...I have found a true love in fiddle and bluegrass music..old time too.. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but it has been much easier to learn than I had expected I started 2 years ago.  (It is just about my 2 year anniversary of first taking it up.  When I listen to and play the music, it fills me with joy!  (and that feeling has not lessened at all)  I started with doing Suzuki Method with my children.  (Both my children are learning too)--However, we are not intensely involved in it.  I could not keep up with the pace at the Music Center and balance 2 schools-elementary school and preschool (and life).  (but the program at the Portland Community Music Center is EXCELLENT!!-a great value for how much they include--private and group lessons and music classes, recitals, discounted and free concerts, adult classes too) However, we are learning at our own pace(taking a private lesson 1-2x/month, and for myself, I am taking an adult Fiddle Class each week.  My children practice 2-3x/week..

The Suzuki Method is pretty amazing.  The basic premise orignated by Suzuki is that learning an instrument is like learning a language, something everyone is capable of..even very young children..and if you teach it like you do language through an immersion program, they will learn it.  He truly believed in the abilities of children. There were some reallly inspiring stories even some children who had limited mobility with their hands..who gradually learned to play it..  

I'm not a big fan of "over-scheduling my kids" but this is one thing I am doing with them--at a very gentle pace so that in our lives it does not have a huge footprint...unless and until they "love" it...then we might take it up a notch if they seem to want to pursue it.. but perhaps they may choose a different interest, and I will adapt to that.  But for me, I LOVE it!!  

Baha'i Quotations on Music
"We have made music a ladder by which souls may ascend to the realm on high.
(Compilations, The Compilation of Compilations vol II, p. 73)

1362. It is necessary That the Schools Teach Music
"...The art of music is divine and effective. It is the food of the soul and spirit. Through the power of music the spirit of man is uplifted. It has wonderful sway and effect in the hearts of children, for their hearts are pure and melodies have great influence on them. The latent talents with which the hearts of these children are endowed will find expression through the medium of music. Therefore, you must exert yourselves to make them proficient; teach them to sing with excellence and effect. It is incumbent upon each child to know something of music, for without knowledge of this art, the melodies of instrument and voice cannot be rightly enjoyed. Likewise it is necessary that the schools teach it in order that the souls and hearts of the pupils may become vivified and exhilarated and their lives be brightened with enjoyment."
('Abdu'l-Bahá: Promulgation of Universal Peace, p.52)
(Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 410)


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