Friday, May 7, 2010

Gardening update

The potatoes have a good start!

Peas are starting to twine up onto the netting.
baby pears

new cherries

And the kids have picked the first 5 strawberries to eat! 

but, I have to re-do some of my seedling plantings..  :-(  I think I planted them too soon...There has been quite a bit of cold-rainy weather and hail..(and cats)--and bugs..  poor things..some are still there, but some are turning white  (anyone know what that means??)  Anyway, I have to try eggplants are all gone..eaten up..  sad sad story. but it is still early enough to try again with new starts..  (hopefully something I can do today.  I do have some seeds planted in the gardens as perhaps, those will start coming up..

Oh and some chard from last year.. Chard is great. It grows for 2 years!

and garlic! (I LOVE garlic!)

The rhubarb is looking really good too..(I'll have to post that pic later though..I forgot about the rhubarb when I was taking pics)


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