Saturday, May 1, 2010

Huge recall of childrens meds-tylenol, motrin, benadryl


Same story over and over in Food, Inc... Big corporations shortcut safety and quality to make $$ and meet deadlines, etc.. Putting the public at risk.. Each time I hear about recalls, I feel more and more confirmed that we need to be able to be independent of them.. learn how to make our own natural remedies..or collaborate with people who already know how.. They used to make cookbooks "standard" with home remedies included..but then they took out the recipes, and started to mass produce them ($$) and there began big pharm.. (got this info from Radical Homemakers book) Then people forgot how to make them and became "dependent" on having to "buy" them... People a long time ago knew much more about medecine...and had much less need of doctors' visits or "drugs".. Now, we have very little "knowledge"...its like keeping us in the ignorance..(not letting us learn how to read or develop skills) so we have to "consume" to support the corporations/insurance companies.. We live in a time where now, our childrens' life expectancy is lower than the previous generation... Life expectancy is going down...despite the fact we spend the most $$ on healthcare than many many other nations!!


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