Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Living Life Now--in mind and body-Meditation

I just read the book The Miracle of Mindfulness. Recommended by my friend, Monique (the person whom I have taken sustainability classes from)-Sustainable Living on a Budget.  (Right now I am way too tired to be writing..I just couldn't figure out how to spell miracle...experiencing that "fog" of fatigue..  But, I really have wanted to talk about this so here it goes..hope it isn't too incoherent.

The basic idea...  So often we get through each moment with the hope of what is coming next.  Getting the dishes done quickly so we can enjoy our cup of coffee afterward.  If we live in this way, chances are we not only don't live while we are doing this dishes, but we also won't while drinking the coffee (or tea)...  chances are that while drinking the "treat"..we'll be thinking of the next thing..or something in the past, etc.. 

Thich Nhat Hanh, says that it is important that while we do anything, we think about what we are doing..We purposely make ourselves aware of it and appreciate it.  For example, while washing the dishes, think about what you hands are doing, how the water feels, what the bubbles look like, how it smells, how nice it feels to get it clean, etc..  And that this idea can translate even during times we are doing something we really don't like... 

For parents:  He also talked about not dividing up our concept of time--my time, your time, family time, work time...If you live in the present, it all becomes "me time"..Wow, fancy that!  (-;  How many times, do I plead to my husband to take over so I can find a little "me time"..  ??! 

He taught that to do this--you need to become aware of your breath--I'm breathing in 123..breathing out 123..  (there's more to it than just that, but it seems that is the first step)  He said that we can become more in control of our fears...  (I've had a bit of insomnia lately and I decided to practice this and it may not have put me to sleep, but it kept my worries and excitement from taking control of my mind)---i just found out that we are "expecting" .. 

I think about this, because there are days when I don't think I've truly related to my children...wasn't present. They are going to (and are) growing up so quickly and one of my fears is that I'm going to wake up and realize one day that I didn't even "experience it"--I was too cluttered in my mind..and wonder if I really experienced such a miraculous time.  There are days when I really think I missed out, because I was "too busy"--not just physically busy, but too preoccupied.

I'd like to be more present..  with the people that mean the most to me especially..  (and that is tricky because I am introverted--I feel replenished by time in introspection and I daydream a lot--that is until I hear..."Mommy, can I have some water...)  (-;


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