Friday, May 7, 2010

Pet Food Day

Today I made the montly pet food for our 2 cats and 1 Papillon dog.  I don't really have a huge knowledge base for cat and dog nutrition so until I know more, I supplement with dry food (in case I'm off base) but I also don't want them eating too much processed foods considering all the pet food recalls. I also had a cat die, I think from complications due to soley eating processed pet food.  (scary stuff)

Pet food recipe for Cats/kittens/dogs:

Keep in mind that I am not totally knowledgeable about this…you need to do your own research on nutritional needs of your pets..When you do this, please keep me up to date too---because I am still gathering info, myself..

Kittens need more fat and protein and fish oil..(from what I’ve read/heard)

I add some garlic, because I’ve heard that it can control fleas… however, garlic can also cause cat’s blood was tested recently, however and she was fine.. I have to weigh the choice of “garlic toxicity” vs. “pesticicide toxicity” the garlic truly has kept the fleas away. They went off of the garlic for 2 months because I was worried after reading about the anemia…and all of our pets got fleas..(and they had never gotten fleas before…) I am back to using garlic…Onion is also supposed to be bad for pets. I don’t use onion..but I use a small amount of the garlic. So use garlic at your own risk..Time will tell on this one, I think… (I have also read some "officially published pet recipes that include there is mixed info out there)

For cats/kittens: (this amount usually takes a month to use up for 2 cats)

I use a food processor to make this quicker/easier, but you don’t have to…

1. Boil one large chicken in a stock pot until mostly cooked. Take out of the water (make sure no bones are left in stock) and let cool. Keep stock.

(and also cook some organ meat: chicken,lamb liver, heart, etc..(you have to be careful not to add too much organ meat; I read too much can cause problems as well)
  • also for cats you can add/cook 1-2lbs whitefish

2. In a food processor chop up:

1 carrot

½ bunch of kale

1 sweet potato

1 apple
1 egg

1-2 cloves of garlic

It is nice to have a little helper who likes to press the on on the food processor and mix things up.

3. Add to the stock along with:

¼ cup each of these grains: quinoa, pearl barley, oats/groats

I add grains…but I try to keep the grain ratio lower. Perhaps I shouldn’t add grains at all…I’m unsure of this.. but it soaks up the stock and makes it seem more like the canned cat food and adds nutrients.. (but don’t know the facts of the bioavaiability, etc.) In any case, it seems better than processed foods that have tons of grains, etc.. ?? this part needs more research on my part..

4. cook together…and chop up the chicken by hand/debone, etc..

5. add chicken and veggies, 1/2 cup of brewers yeast (also good for controlling fleas).

6. Fill jars that are appropriate size to be eaten by your pet within 3-5 days. I use a quart size because I have 2 cats. For one cat: probably use a pint size. Leave some good head room at top of jar for freezing expansion.

7. wash off the jars and refrigerate overnight before putting in freezer.  Imorportant to refrigerate before putting in freezer because jars could crack.  Make sure to leave adequate head room at top of jars because the contents expand.

8. I feed my cats a tablespoon or two or so twice a day in additon to leaving out hard food.

For Dogs: (I have a small Papillion dog) and this quantity last a month for this dog.

· The recipe is the same except:

For quantities of grain. And I don’t add fish:

· 1 bunch of kale

· and 1 full cup each of the grains.

Today, it took me about 3 hours to make it and get in the refrigerator.  (but that does not include clean-up. (-;  The dishes are still in the sink... 

I think you could also use a much simpler recipe…by simply feeding the pets the chicken/fish/organs on a regular basis….I also want to learn more about the raw food diet for pets.. I feed them hard food still so help with tarter..and because I can’t make the wet food more than 1x/month due to how long it takes and all the prep, etc..

Both the cats and dog really enjoy their food...Happy Pets.

(just kidding)

If you have any info on pet nutrition, please comment.  This recipe seems to change everytime I make is an "organically changing recipe" because I'm still learning..  and I'd love to hear if anyone else out there is making pet food


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