Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All kinds of Growing

Growing has been tricky this year.  My body has needed a lot of my energy to grow this child inside of me through this first semester and I have been unable to "grow as much in other ways".  It has been a challenge to have such an aversion to food during this time and still need to cook...Normally, I love to cook, and during this period of time; I have hated it.  Hard to lose the joy of something, but it has been temporary.  My energy and my joy for growing and cooking has been gradually returning.

Growing has also been tricky this year because of the weather.  We have had an unusually wet Spring up until the end of June, so finally July we've been having some good sun and growing weather, but my garden is behind and off-schedule. I have had to replant a couple of times certain foods because they utterly failed, died, or did not even germinate.  Other crops have done fine..  (garlic, onions, pumpkins, peas, etc..)

Now, I am wanting to can in a serious way!.. I made some strawberry preserves..but I wish to take advantage of these wonderful peaches that are in season right now.  I missed my opportunity (again) to preserve or freeze some asparagus..  Next year, I hope..  I also don't think I'm going to have a good crop of green beans this time..  Some are producing now, but many of my plants were eaten by bugs.  :(

Yesterday, I harvested potatoes and today about 1/3 of my garlic was ready to harvest.  This is my first "go" at garlic. 

The pile of dirt we dumped out to find potatoes in.  It is like an Easter egg hunt for the kids.
This past weekend, we stayed at a cabin  on a lake owned by a friend of the family.  On Sunday, we went on a hike with a "purpose"-to find huckleberries!  It think we were able to go much further than normal because of this fun goal..They are very small berries, though, so it takes a lot of them to fill a cup!

On another topic, my husband bought me a new camera for my (37th) birthday. It is a used Cannon D50 and I am having a lot of fun experimenting with what it does!

Sorry for my absence

I am now almost 16 weeks along and feeling much better.  I have neglected this blog, but have not forgotten it!!  I plan to post soon and "catch up" "Stay tuned"  (-; 


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