Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hidden Room Dreams

I have a recurring dream that I find new parts of my home that I never knew were there before. This morning, I finally slept in!  (I've been pretty wound up lately about getting our home ready for the baby, getting the kids started in school, canning, and learning how to use a sewing machine(and realizing how much more I can do with this new skill), We also just found out we are having a GIRL!  (-; 

In any case; I, having finallly gotten a full night's sleep, had one of those dreams:

I was wandering in my home(I think I went downstairs: yesterday we just started fixing the drywall in one of the rooms in our basement) While downstairs, I found a new part of the house/room that had its own kitchen and refrigerator. The kitchen part was up a step/a short level higher than a sitting area..There was a big refrigerator (I sometimes wish our refrigerator was larger)--On the lower level, there were also  couches and  shelves of stuff left from the previous owner filled with really nice pots and pans..I was really excited for the expansion of what I could do in this open fun- feeling space.  There was also a large door  with windows with light streaming inside, leading outside to a city street and the ocean...felt like I was in a beach town..Then as I looked around some more I realized that this room was like an indoor courtyard connected to others people's homes. The space was shared..and down a hallway were other shared rooms for sewing and crafts and tons of other fun stuff..People started showing up..There was a Baha'i event going on..Lots of people talking together..coming and going, getting food, going to the crafting areas.. 

My general feeling was of awe---It felt wonderful..  At first I was excited about the expansion of our home, but then I realized that there was so much more with how it opened up to the community.  It was busy and happy, and creative.. 

I love this kind of dream!


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