Friday, October 8, 2010

Homestead Healing Begins

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Below is the beginning of a new blog or new chapter/tab to this blog.  Been thinking of the concept of Sustainability as Therapy, and came up with the name: Homestead Healing..  Here is the new blog address. Not sure how THIS will evolve yet, but want to jump on it while I'm thinking of it.  Anyone want to collaborate on it??  I think if I have other people working on it with me, it could be quite remarkable!!  

Here is the new blog address:

I've been creating an evolving blog called Time Capsule on an Urban Homestead..In the beginning it was Time Capsule Eighties and the Now; for at that time I thought it would be a refective journal on childhood--I had started journaling when I was eight years old and still have all those journals throughout my 37 years of life.. I don't want those thoughts/pages to be lost. Laura Ingalls Wilder was my inspiration at the time, and who would have thought that even now, the idea of her and her lifestyle back then is now still so much of an inspriation to me. I haven't read the books since I was a child..Hmmmm..maybe I should re-read them now that my kids might be old enough to enjoy?? (My son is 7 and my daughter is 5) and the baby in my tummy will be greeting the world in January..(can't leave her out!)

By profession, I am educated as a teacher and a counselor, but have been home with the kids since my son was one. I often wonder where and how my career will develop...especially now that I am having my third child and am not getting any younger! I don't plan to go back to work anytime soon, but I do have some hope that I can provide some service/income from home/ from within this role..I don't want my career to make me unavailable to my children..or to have to put them into a childcare situation.

Over the past 3 years, ever since we bought our house, I've been on a journey that began with starting a raised bed garden, then taking some classes from Monique Dupre's: Sustainabe Living on a Budget..From there began some lifestyle changes...Had to! (still have to)

In that process, I felt a sense of "utopia"--nourishment, healing...On bad days, I'd find, how comforting it could be to find a new recipe or skill to try out...It turned my feelings of depression into feelings of pride and elatement, joy.. I was doing something wholesome and I was learning, and serving my family, all at the same time. There has to be something to that---this purifying one's lifestyle from the materialistic pressures of our current Western culture that is making us sicker by the day (on soooo many levels!!)--I found myself freeing myself from it bit by bit.. The more I learned, the more I could become independent of it. in baby steps.. Not where I want to be yet.. (you should see how cluttered we live, still..)--my biggest challenge, yet--growing up with a packrat and teacher mindset...collecting, keeping so much, being sentimental about my things, etc..

In any case, I have been mulling the idea of Sustainability as Therapy.. I am probably not the first to think of transforming this process can be--how liberating, nourishing, comforting, uplifiting.. I suppose it is similar to the idea of Recreational Therapy, only, its end result is not just the "fun"--althought it is loads of fun!! It is about transformation of lifestyle, learning new skills, becoming more independent from the consumer culture, learning to eat/prepare real, unprocessed foods, becoming more frugal, living more simply, etc.. So, this is how my blog has evolved until now, and now for this it needs its own blog--the domain name timecapsuleeighties-does not fit at all anymore for this purpose.

***I hope to focus more on the healing process now in its theme, now that I have this vision: (but check out the other categories, because I get more into details of what you can do--there are sooo many things to learn: breadmaking, yogurt making, quilting, making clothes, knitting, gardening, parenting, providing a service to your community, preserving, meditation, exercise, (slowing down and simplifying, purging, networking-creating community, DIY home repair-car repair, and on and on... all of it can be liberating! (it is its own self-medication)--coping skills, transformative, life changing..


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