Tuesday, November 23, 2010


In this time before Thanksgiving (Black Friday and Lots of Food) in light of having Gestational Diabetes, I am faced with the the ongoing challenge of RESTRAINT.. 

Black Friday has never been a temptation me for, but online shopping has at times..  (-; and in light of $$ restraint, my husband and I have started a system of checking in with each other each and every week to account ourselves to what we have spent money on and to align it with the reality of how much $$ is left in checking.  It was really hard to do this at first...(analyzing reality..and not judging ourselves on our splurges, but simply looking at and being accountable for what we have spent) But--it is becoming a wonderful tool and I know it helps keep me in line with "reality"  The book, Your Money or Your Life has really inspired me to do this in a non-judgemental way...tallying every cent that is spent to see just how that money is spent and on what, and to think about the life energy that was used with purchases..and to determine whether it was worth it or not, or if the purchase reflects values, etc..  Choosing Family over Frenzy (an article about Black Friday over consumption)

On the GD topic--I have now had one week of being on a very strict eating regimine of also recording everything I eat and tallying grams of carbs.  I have to eat 6 times a day and have a min/max carb intake combined with a fat/protein and I have to test my blood 4x/day.

So, this is what it looks like on a normal school day with an example of what I've been eating:

5:30 get up and test blood
6:30 (30 carb max/min)  (which is about 1/3 cup of oatmeal and some nuts and 1/2 cup of milk) no sugar
8:30 test blood
10:30 snack (15-30 carb)--perhaps an apple and PB
12-1 lunch (30 carb/max/min)  1 meat sandwich on sprouted wheat bread with a veggie.
3pm test blood
3pm snack (5-15 carb):  some cottage cheese and pomegranite
6pm dinner (30-45 carb)  chicken with 1/2 cup of quinoa or rice and a veggie
8pm test blood
10pm snack (5-15 carb)  about 10 tortilla chips and 2TB of salsa

It is pretty healthy and it is good to see what my blood sugar does with each thing I eat. For example: I've had a white flour food--like pizza and white bread twice and both times, my blood sugar spiked over normal, so I know I need to avoid white bread right now.  I can eat 2 slices of sprouted whole wheat/grain bread and do fine, but if it were white bread, I'd be out of norm. range.

My goal is to stay under 95 for first in the AM fasting sugar level, and under 120-2 hours after each meal.  So, far, I'm doing pretty well staying in that range..when I keep to the schedule..or get extra exercise.

Last night I had a bad dream, though, and I think it threw my numbers off-stress..feeling tired (maybe fighting a cold) and feeling discouraged...getting tired of the regimine..I miss the treats..  It isn't always easy using restraint all the time..restraint in eating and in spending $$...I guess I'm used to rewarding or comforting myself in those ways at times, and I can't allow myself to resort to those patterns when I'm feeling blue..  so I am left with feeling bummed out about it.. 

I read from the book, Your Money or Your Life that frugality is not about denying yourself--the orginal definition is  frugality is being happy with less.  I really really jive with that..how liberating it would be to be HAPPY with LESS..It is completely the opposite of what we are fed by the media every day--You need more to live in more luxury to make you have less work to do at home..(but you have to work more to have more of those conveniences)  What if it really is easier and better to live without that dishwasher...to find you don't need it afterall..  don't really need a 2nd car...an in turn don't need as much money going out to pay for the car or fixing/replacing cheaply made dishwasher..  What if there are many many more of those things we could learn to live "without"--how much more liberating that could be!!   

(I'm speaking as my own pep-coach)---as I am on this journey...but not very far into it yet..  Step by step..  So, it also seems that restraint must be what I practice right now..as unfun as it feels right now..  because I would love to have a slice of apple pie right now..or a gingerbread latte to help boost the feeling of being bummed right now.. (but I absolutely can't right now)


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