Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We are going to Australia!

We are going on a trip soon!  Off to visit some of my husband's family and explore a new place I have never been to before.  I wonder how traveling will go with 2 kids and 1 baby..  (-;  

My new phone

Talk about being distracted by material things! I am blogging from my phone.  This new phone is amazing... it can blog, gps, kindle, play movies, be a calendar, alarm, books on tape, facebook, email, word doc, spreadsheet,  internet, camera, video, gameboy, music player..and oh yeah address book and phone..

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, my youngest is two months old now and we are transitioning into our new routines with 3 children..rearranging priorities..and figuring out what we can do and can't do.  Blogging is one of those things I often long to do, but usually can't seem to "fit it in" these days.  Starting this year's garden is later than last year, which is fine, because last year, I started too early anyway and much of my first attempt died.

This year I have the goal of including my kids more.  I am hoping that we will build a new 5x5 bed with the kids and that will be their garden.  Today, we bought seeds and some starter soil for our little seedling pots.  It looks like the kids have a preference for flowers (and some pumpkins and corn).  It is important, I think to let them choose what they want to grow.

I really feel this need to get them involved..feel like I've been losing ground with them lately...as they often scream to go to the store to buy stuffed animals or watching TV for what they want to do for fun.  I gave them the lecture today that it's like only eating candy..I definitely felt like I was going against the current today to get my whole family to go to the garden store and buy some seeds.  They, lately, seem "toxified" by wanting "more toys"..or sugar..or birthday parties..  Nothing wrong with those things in moderation, but I wonder sometimes that they forget the "authentic" kind of joy that comes from doing things like taking walks in woods, or planting a garden.  I know I need it as much as they do..  (I have this new phone that that distracted me quite a bit these past 2 weeks)..and it feels a little bit icky..

If you eat too much sugar, the veggies don't taste as good..  but you tend to feel icky from the candy.  Kids don't always have this filter yet to know the difference..but I can tell when my kids are starting to feel "toxic"..(Lately the tantrums)

So, we are taking the first step..  Gardening and going for walks out in nature seem to really help with "detoxifying"

It is going to be a challenge doing this because often my hands are not "free"  I have had to scale back on my expectations.  My Kombucha and Kefir died..  I can't take care of more than what I have to take care of right now.  I don't even have time to make yogurt or granola or even cookies right now.  I can barely make dinner, do laundry, and do the dishes (above and beyond taking care of my 3 kiddos needs) right now.  But, gardening, I really really want to fit in somehow..and I want to help detoxify my kids from the TV and birthday parties and "fads"

(not that we are cutting out all those things..wish I had the guts to do that!)--but I at least want my children to recognize the difference and to be able to "enjoy" some wholesome alternatives..

Another step we've taken lately is enrolling our daughter in a gymnastics class, and our son in Aikido..  And I am soo glad they are doing those things, I have seen a difference in them already!  They are feeling better about themselves, what they can do..Not to mention, the benefit they are getting from some physical activity.  I really don't want to "overschedule" them, but at the same time, I think they really need those activities right now.  It certainly hasn't hurt them..  And it is less opportunity to be pulled into TV..  I admire people who are able to give having that box in their homes..  (I'm not there yet)


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