Saturday, April 16, 2011

Green Smoothie and Homemade Baby Food

Over the past couple of years I've been hearing about the Vita Mix Blender.. I guess it has been around for quite a long time.  I decided to look into it as I am about to jump on the bandwagon of making our own baby food.  The thought of buying baby food no longer appeals to me..not so fond of processed foods..even organic processed foods.  The Vita Mixer sounds like a good quality appliance..expensive, but it seems like it is well made and can reduce the need to have "several" appliances.  (sometimes it is better to get the "better" blender..rather than one that will burn out in a couple of years..The hope is that it will last a very long time..

  It also seems it can work not only as a blender, but as a food processor, grain grinder, dough kneeder,  juicer, and soup maker..  It seems to be better than a juicer as it can grind up both the fiber and the softer part of fruit and vegetables. In any case, it seems like a worth-while investment.  And I believe it will basically pay for itself if I use it to make baby food rather than buying all the jars..which really add up..   At the same time, I am reading about the "green smoothie"..  a very interesting concept that I am aching to try..  I think it'll be a way to get more greens into our diet..and make it palatable for my kids especially.  I'm not even close to being a vegetarian or vegan or a raw foodist, but I can't deny the appeal and the argument for integrating more raw foods and greens into our diet.  Just thinking about sipping a green smoothie gives me a feeling of clean-healthy refreshment..that sounds cheesy saying that... If I had the time to review and rework how I describe it...but as cheesy as it sounds...I can tell my body craves the nourishment from what a green smoothie could give to me..I can feel that my body needs it..  on a cellular level.  I have a lot to recuperate from..having a baby and c section and currently nursing..  I can't wait to start making them..  I am really looking forward to when our mixer arrives! and I am hoping to get those greens into my children too..  We do try to eat our fruits and veggies every day, but sometimes it is not easy to get enough of it--especially get my kids to eat enough of it!  This seems like a really good way to do it.  (we'll see) I'll have to update this when we've been trying it for a few weeks.  (btw: the author/creator of the green smoothie is from Oregon!)  (-;

Another plus is that a green smoothie is a quick easy snack/meal that is healthy and nourishing..  quick and easy often equate to fast food or microwave meal..   so I am happy to find something I can make quickly when I am strapped for time or low on energy.


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