Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back from Australia (the back home -out of time phenomenon)

What a trip/adventure!  Here we are on a 4k hike (2k up hill)  Not bad, considering I'm still recuperating from my c-section.  I have to brag that I carried the baby..only because she fell asleep that I did not pass her to Mike for a little relief..  My stomach muscles are doing a little better from all the exercise on the trip.

 We saw Kookaburras!  When my son was a baby I used to sing the Kukaburra song to him..We actually heard them laugh, and I have one picture of them in a gum tree too!

 Being able to pet a koala was definitely a highlight.  They are every bit as sweet as they look.

This is near Kiama, Australia...This area is truly beautiful..rolling hills, ocean..

I will add more pictures, I think..but I wanted to simply say, we are back. We had a great trip..

It felt strange at first getting back..It made me think about how all our cells are replaced on a regular basis..  I felt like I had been spinning for a long time, and when I got back, I stopped spinning, but I could still feel the room spin around me.  It also felt like all my cells had been replaced while I was gone, and I had to adjust to my new body...and like my home's cells had been replaced too..I felt out of time..  (we were quite literally out of time when coming home)  We had 2 Thursdays..Left on Thursday AM, and arrived in PDX Thursday AM)  But something like 17 hours had passed for us..yet, it was STILLLLL Thursday AM..  Twillight Zone (ish)  And on top of that it was Fall in Australia, and it is Spring here.

I remember this "feeling" when I was a kid..whenever we went camping and came back after a couple of weeks, home felt "different" like something had changed..Feels I had slipped out of my reality and came back and reality had changed..or not..but I had changed..and home hadn't..and I had to slip back into "reality" again..but everything felt different somehow..  familiar...I've never used "drugs"...but from what I've heard described of using LSD, I'd almost compare it to it kind of "trippy"  (no pun intended-LOL!)  I love the feeling of coming home and experiencing this "out of time" feeling.  (is there a name for this feeling??)  Haven't felt it in a long time..  It also made me feel like I truly am HOME here..after being away and coming back here...this HOME here  in Oregon is HOME for me now.  I've lived in a few places since I moved away from NH (after growing up there for 19 years)..No place has quite felt like home since then, as it does here..

Well, I do have more stories..But I will break them up into different journal disjointed as that is..  sorry..   but that is my life right now, and my ability to have time enough to myself to be able to write here.. (not a complaint) just a fact.  (-;  


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