Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Chehalis Apple Tree and Recipe

recipe at bottom of post

CHEHALIS  Large crisp, sweet yellow apple.  Ripens with Mac.  Very productive.  Considerable scab tolerance 

Large greenish yellow apple, usually with a pink blush on exposed side. Resembles Golden Delicious in looks and flavor but larger, crisper and more elongated. Crisp, cream colored flesh. Medium-fine texture. Sweet, slightly honeyed, juicy eating and baking apple.

This is my poor little Mamma tree that bent out of shape to carry the weight of these delicious (heavy) apples!  She is much relieved now and her apples are being enjoyed!

Basic Apple Pie Recipe

The Crust:
I made 4 crusts for 2 pies

5cups of flour
2 1/2 tsp. salt

I used a pastry tool to cut the butter into the flour and salt
3 sticks of chilled butter

12 TB of ice cold water

I added the water a bit at a time using the pasty keep it all cool.

Then I put saran wrap over the dough and refrigerated it overnight.

The next day, I rolled out the 4 crusts.
put them in the pie plates and topped the top crust with a little brown sugar, cinnamon and butter

put slits in the top crust for venting (I think)

Apple Filling

Lots of apples cut up mixed with:
enough brown sugar for your preference

I baked the pies at 350 for an hour.


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