Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bike Ride

Last night, my husband made..uh..encouraged me to go for a bike ride. It was a beautiful summer eve...and there wasn't too much of an argument to keep me from going this time..There were dishes to do, but he said he would do them.. (thank you)

I have not been on my bike for a year, perhaps?  Did I bike when I was pregnant?  I can't remember.

In any case, it felt soooooo good to be "back in the saddle"

When I was a teen, my bike was one of my best friends.  I went everywhere on my bike before I had a car.  It was my therapy, my freedom, my adventure.

I felt a sense of that again, last night.

while I was out, I visited some of some of our neighbors..people with whom I've met from my kids' school and have wanted to get to know better. I stopped by 3 homes just to see if they happened to be outside. I was in luck and I got to have some adult conversation time..(and found out I had put on my helmit backwards!)  Luckily I can laugh at myself...and how silly I must have looked!  (yeah, I'm a pro-biker all right!) Ha!  It must have been the lead paint I licked as a child.  (-;

Ah, my sense of humor..there it is!

So, I felt great from the exercise and the chance to be social and a little bit social (and blond)..

and the chance to (blush) have a break from the kids..

I have got to do that more often!!!  (started having visions of being a true Portlander and biking everywhere..getting my groceries, taking my baby around,...all on bike.)  I am so inspired by people who do that..  I'd love to be that fit too..  (-;  I know someone who has opted out of having a car and truly bikes and uses the bus soley!!  amazing to me!

Perhaps, I could do that with child #3..It isn't too late to go down that road even if I hadn't done it with my other two..

This is where I need some cheerleaders in my corner to tell me I can do it!!  (-;  (could I actually get myself into shape enough to do that?!)

I used to do that as a teen/and college student...there is a part of me that has always LOVED the bike..the feeling of freedom..speed, openness around me..There is something about it that is glorious!  (and a little bit of a rush too when you let yourself go as fast as you can)



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