Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Homemade Baby Food is not mysterious or difficult to make!

My 6 month old eating pureed avocado.  

I am not gardening as much on my "little homestead" as I'd like this year, but I am making my own baby food. I do not know why I did not do this before with my other two children!

It was 6 years ago with my daughter and 8 years ago with my son..

Back then, baby food seemed mysterious to me...what was that stuff in the jar? What made it specially formulated for babies?  I did not even question using it for my babies.

Since then, I have learned more and more about processed foods...and that info sums up to this: Processed foods..just about all of them that you buy from a can or box or bag, are changed so much, or have so much added to them that they are not even recognizable as real food at all. They are dead foods...do not have active live enzymes..  They often have hidden ingredients or rancid unstable oils..Etc. etc..

Who knows what baby food is really made out of???  I just learned that even "healthy juice" is anything but...things like oxygen sucked out so it has a life of a year..then flavor packs added back into it to give it flavor..and it is still called 100 percent real juice...

In any case, I wish to make it known to anyone who does not know it..Makiing baby food is super simple..and you can actually have control over what goes into it...and it can be REAL food..It is as simple as steaming some zucchini and pureeing it in a blender.


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