Monday, August 8, 2011

Parenting Book Recommendations

I was at a play date today and one of the things we talked about was how to discipline our children.  I wrote on this quite awhile back and will have you link to what I wrote then.

Here are some books I recommend reading for developing your own synthesis if you are leaning towards an attachment parenting approach...I tend to lean towards that philosophy, although in frustration, I often revert back to punishing, etc..  I am still working on my parenting skills...every day..  It is never easy..and I realize I can never become complacent about it..Each stage presents very interesting challenges.

The first book I recommend, is one of my favorites because it gives a balanced approach..with some nice skills/excercises.

Another very good book/approach for developing specific choices..

A great book for altering the punishment/reward paradigm.  I'm still not quite sure HOW to implement this sometimes, but the idea of "doing WITH" our kids instead of "doing TO" our kids is a really good place to start from..  It also challenges our traditional idea that we have to "punish and reward" in order to raise our children effectively.. Like with attachment parenting, it is the idea of the relationship as being very important...and not to "sell it out" in order to "control" our childrens' behaviors..or destinies..

Another very good book that gives some very nice practical examples.

Just started this book, but I like where it is going..  It is about looking at where you are coming from as a careful of your own baggage..Being in control of our own frustrations/anger/issues..

I have not read this book yet, but I hope to..  It is about giving our children the space to make mistakes..not to hover over them too much...give them some space to explore..allowing some risk..

What have you read, that you recommend??

I have not read this book, but I have heard it recommended, and I know I use the counting --seem it used, and find it works really well in a scurry to get out the door.. or when I need to have something happen immediately.  Let's face it, when you kids are school age, there is a lot of "cattle-driving" get them to school and other places on time..which means all the morning routines of brushing teeth, breakfast, getting dressed, etc.. all have to be done in a timely way in order to get to school on time..  (i hate it, but it is a reality)

This book is on my list to read.  I am looking into simplifying parenting...have fewer, more natural toys..

The next few books are on my list to read next...feel inspired just reading about these books..and the Soulemama blog:...

These ideas are along the lines of Waldorf education...which has many ideals I admire..Keep me striving to better myself as a person, a parent..and consciousness towards the planet..


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