Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reducing the need to use grocery store

And eat organic foods on a budget.

I picked up 20# of coho alaskan line caught salmon tonight from food buying club. Know thy food. This may be enough salmon for our family for the year.  I think the price averages to about $10lb for very good salmon. 

This is now one less thing I have to buy from a grocery store.

Other ways to reduce dependency on grocery store:

1. Buy less or no processed foods. Stick to real veg, fruit. Meat. Nuts.

2. Find source for milk and eggs from a farm.  From grassfed jersey cows..or goats. and chickens that are truly free range.

3. Invest in large freezer and buy meat from farmer.  I have a meat csa, but I have also. Purchased 1/8 cow. 1/2 lamb at times.

4. Participate in a local CSA

5. Find or create a local buying club that supports local farmers.

6. Sometimes there are also ways to buy bulk grains and nuts.  I order from azure standard and they drop off food/groceries such as TP and soap to a neighbors home once a month.

7. Plant your own garden if you have a yard or grow in pots if your space is limited.

8.  Visit your local farmers market and get to know your farmers. Store up on some staple fruits and veggies to can or freeze while they are in season.

9. Go berry picking.

10. Forage your neighborhood for berries, fruits, nuts.

11.  Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities and networking to find the best food and to know what a good deal is on that food.

12. If you are really adventurous, committed, and have a big enough piece of land:  get your own laying hens, honey bee hives, goat, rabbits, or ducks, etc..


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