Saturday, August 27, 2011

Surround Yourself With Beauty

Surround yourself with Beauty

If the world feels too dark 
or the pace of it pressuring you to go too fast..

Someone in your life or space- in a "bad mood"
and that mood is getting to you..and bringing you down..

slow down..

Surround yourself with Beauty

Take a deep breath..and find the quiet within..

Surround yourself with what makes you happy..

What makes you happy?

(For me, lately: writing, knitting, cooking,  holding my baby, or going on an adventure)

 Refuse to be someone you don't want to be
even if that someone tries to pull you there..

I am not going to go there..

Refuse to let them in and corrupt your soul with darkness, expectations(mine and others'), guilt, or negativity..

There is no point in that..
It does not help anyone and it dishonors yourself.

I am going to surround myself with beauty
and be happy and be the person I want to be..

I'm going to only let that beauty in...let it shine into my soul

So that I can shine too..

And that is who I want to be.

To do this, I surround myself with beauty..

quiet moments, 
sweet moments..
beautiful art
beautiful people
beautiful attitudes
Abundant garden
Luscious fresh food
lovingly prepared
sweet fragrances
sweet, happy music..
a great book
a new skill
a sweet prayer
a warm bath
steaming bro-thy rich soup
good coffee
good company
a warm snuggle


What is the "beauty" that you surround yourself with?


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