Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Taste of Homeschooling

It has taken nearly 2 months of summer to undo the boredom effect of school on my kids.  When school ended they did not know what to do with themselves...expecting entertainment and direction..

Now, a wonderful thing is happening.  A theme of interest is evolving.  First, an interest in dolphins and sea creatures, now the Titanic(the library is our friend)...and then a desire to make a boat..and my husband figured out how to help them make one out of things we have and it floats! The pride they felt was priceless!  They named it Mayflower.

I am realizing how this works/can work..the theme on the Titanic is a lesson in history, but can be so much of the water, the construction of the boat, the ocean, effects of depth.  Math-the size of the titanic, geography-the location of the ship and its voyage, etc... then there is the art of making their own boat..and they could create a presentation on the topic, etc...

Wonderful...3 more weeks left to go with this taste of unintentional homeschooling...bliss (potentially)

Some books I have heard recommended from some friend Homeschoolers that I have yet to read..I think I will read, whether I ever homeschool or not.  I figure, even if I do not "officially homeschool" I can still adapt some of the ideas during the summer or vacation times..  (and figure out what kind of homeschooler I would be.


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