Friday, August 12, 2011

Using our Feet

My husband used the car today to go to work. Normally he bikes.  It is a 10 mile bike ride mostly on a bike trail.  It is quite ideal for him to be able to do this.  Grateful.  It is a win-win on many counts.  Exercise for him, de-stressing from work, less wear on a car, not using fuel, and much less aggravation...getting stuck in city traffic/rush hour, etc..

I was grateful today, that he had the car, because I had an errand to do that was only about a mile away.  Normally, I'd make it a simple trip and drive out there, but this time, without the car, I made it into an adventure..  

We started out by having breakfast at a local waffle/art house.  The kids played checkers as we waited for our waffles.

Then afterward, we worked off the sugar by walking out to Walgreen to pick up our 300 photos.  finally printing out favorite pics from 2007-2010..  

It was pretty idyllic...although the way there was pretty urban-like..not ideal in that way..lots of noisy cars..Still, we saw an osprey or eagle..and some bugs and other birds and plants along the way..little snippets of nature.  The kids were happy and exercised..and I could tell they felt good about themselves..

Makes me think, I need to do this more often...walk more instead of using the car even if it turns a simple errand into a 3 hour trip..  It was a complete, exercise, quality time together..  

Feeling inspired by all the bikers around here..(my husband included)  I can't bike with the baby yet..not until she is one, but I am thinking that with my third child, I may go down this path that I was hesitant to do before with my first 2 children..  Not too late to start.  In the very least, we can get around to quite a few places on foot..There are many places to go to that are within 1-2 miles.  


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