Monday, February 13, 2012


We have recently been hit with the stomach flu, which has afflicted my two oldest children. There is nothing like a good dose of flu to send my anxiety flying.  I've been in hypervigilent mode for three days.  My son had it the worst and I was hoping no one else would  get it, but then my daughter got it, then the worry the baby would  get it. So far, she has not. Yesterday, was a day of cleaning out the bug from our home as best as we could and taking a little reprieve, getting the kids out of the sick house and out in the sun for a bit.  I had only been out of the house myself for one trip to  the  grocery store in 3 days. It did a world of  good, getting out in the sun and getting a little exercise. My son forgot during that outing that he was sick.
When we got  home, the momentum was started  and my husband and I  did  some yard work while the baby napped in the van.  I  have not worked in the  dirt for  months and it felt sooo good!  My spirit had been so weighted before it was locked up in a basement without any windows, but the sun and the dirt, and the air, and the  life around me, was like an elixir..
I need to garden this summer. I have to find some ways to  be  able  to do  this with a baby.  When Keilani woke up from her nap, we put her in the playpen for awhile and she tolerated it so  Mike could continue to pull out old roots outside.  It may be  a way to make this work..I could get  her  to  nap in the stroller, then have her continue naps outside with me while I garden, and then use the playpen to extend the gardening time, perhaps.  It will be  my  main summer project, and I'll have to  put the knitting aside  for a bit, because at this stage I  can only focus on one project at a time.
I t makes sense to have  seasonal  foucuses, rhythms..


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