Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everything Happens for a Reason

(honeycomb given to me by neighbor from another neighbor's fallen tree)

Feeling some shifting with the  changing of the season and the entering into a new stage with my youngest as she will soon be a toddler.  Getting her to nap has become increasingly more difficult; it takes longer to get her sleep, and she sleeps for shorter  amounts of time.  What is starting to become the solution is taking her in the stroller, because she will fall asleep in less than 5 minutes usually and can stay asleep if I remain outside with her..which can be the answer to my dilemma of how I am going to be able to garden this year. 

So, this morning, I took a short walk.. a very short walk for I ran into a neighbor I had never met before as she was walking across the street with 3 of her cats.  She immediately asked me if I was new to the neighborhood.  "sheepishly I replied, that I have been here nearly 5 years"  (I guess I don't get out over on that street very often)...or really out very much at all this past year outside of the daily trips to the school. 

Anyway, we ended up talking for an ..hour?  As it turns out, she is a gold mine of information..she seems to know everyone in the neighborhood who is knowledgeable about the homesteading movement...growing food, beekeeping, natural healing, etc..  and apparently there are many people right in this neighborhood who are doing A LOT!  She seems to be quite a healer herself, for she described how she has cared for her cat who was hit by a car (this cat sounded very very badly hurt too)..  I am in awe at the serendipity of meeting her today..  It is starting to feel like I am getting some nudges to further pursue this sustainability cause and also to find how it links in with my Faith as well..  These are more than just nudges, but actual people encouraging me to do this too...  Meeting this woman, makes me think, that perhaps, this is the direction, I am supposed to go in.. 
I wonder where this will lead me.. 

I remember back as a teen, I went on a bike ride without a planned destination..I simply followed my heart, and it lead me to this AMAZING place out in West Keene..I called it a circle clearing.  There was this beautiful clearing circled by trees and a hill. I was totally alone. I got off my bike and further explored it, said prayers in my heart and aloud..Felt my soul was soo alive and happy..It was like a magical place and I had discovered it by simply following my heart.  I never would have found it otherwise.  I have never forgotten that place or that experience and I think I have also lived my life like that during critical decision making times..it is how I came to Oregon too... 
This blog is like that too..Not sure exactly how it is going to evolve, nonetheless, it is becoming something..just as this journey of learning..the knitting, the canning, the gardening, the soap making, etc..  (having 3 kids) (-;  counseling fits in there too somehow, and I am hoping all this learning is going to turn into something..a service of some kind.. 

anyway, it is time to move forward again..  I've had a year of baby fog which won't end right now, but this coming year, may see me able to do a little more again..and I feel I am getting some signals that I am supposed to have some new resolve..try again to network with neighbors, perhaps? 


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