Monday, April 23, 2012


This morning, the air was summer-cool..the kind of warm, that is brisk in the early hours but promises to warm up as the sun works its magic. The cool was awakening, but not chilly cold.. the kind of warm that feels good while sneaking out in nightclothes capturing the awesome sky.. The open and gloriously alive with promise.. God's eyelashes, slowly opening presenting His magnificence. The eye, the light captured on the cloud's underside (from my perspective) reflecting back..lights and darks, radiating..shining..contrasting with wisps and voluptuousness, blues, grays, whites..Sounds-sweet bird conversations, louder as the neighborhood is still quiet..and the crisp, warm-cool air on my skin. And the smells of greens-grasses, leaves, flowers, and dirt..even the smell of the coolness, warming up. In every direction sky the stirrings of neighbors beginning their days. A stolen moment, as my children and husband wait inside, awake, unfed, and whining.. A mother trying to absorb the moment in a compacted minute to make up for the long, relaxed moment, I long to have.. Sunrises pass so quickly..special moments end so abruptly..babies grow up before I can catch my thought of them..I hope that when this time in my life passes,  I will find that my heart truly remembered-truly LIVED them in those fleeting sunrise moments..


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