Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today's Gratefulness: Some days I struggle from notenoughtimitis. Not enough time in the day to do something that makes me feel like I've accomplished something of value and I start to decline and feel unworthiness. But tonight, while watching a movie with the kids, I realized how much they just wanted me there with them, and at bedtime, Keilani covered ME in her blankets, my heart "felt" the "worthy" in this day.

yesterday's post was angry(I have since removed it because I was in such an "angry place")...came out of feelings of unworthiness..those feelings also bled into today..feeling that maybe I am not such a great writer, or great at anything.. midlife crisis stuff, perhaps as 40 is creeping up and I find the time I have to devote toward professional skills seems to evade me each day. Anyway, tonight with a few sweet moments with my children offered me a moment of clarity when I remembered how important it is to them that I spend time with them..simple moments..how happy it makes them when I sit with them during a movie they choose to watch. I think I forget that more and more the longer I parent..I take it for granted how it feels to be the child. That used to seem so clearer 9 years ago..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Green Roses Art ichokes

We grew artichokes this year. Like green roses. Never ate them the day they were picked.  Amazingly sweet! (Not to mention that they make great blocks)

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Magic and Art in Crafting

I am learning how to make quilts at Pine Needle Quilt Shop.  I am taking a beginner's class. 

http://www.pineneedlequiltshop.com/  It has been on my bucket list for quite awhile.  I love quilts: how they can be symbolic, personal, sentimental, ancient, artistic, and beautiful!!!  I am finally, figuring out some of the mystery behind their construction..And in this month of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for being able to learn these crafts.

I think that is one of the reasons I do this: knit, quilt, garden, and cook.The mystery. I used to look at the art of other people's crafts as if they had done something magical.  Learning how, is finding out the secret, and I am addicted to that!  (in a good way, I think)  Then once I learn, I have a skill that produces something I can pass on..a hat to give away as a special gift..or a shawl..  The below picture is probably the finest thing I have made so far. It is not perfect, but its art is amazing to me..the lace pattern, the color and texture of the yarn..When I do this, I feel like a magician and that is so empowering!  


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