Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Constipation Aids for Toddler or Anyone

My little one is constipated right now, so I looked up some foods that could help.  I am crossing my fingers that it will help her.  The good news she liked both drinks and at the very least, it was a way to get more fluid and fiber into her.

Here are the two things I made for her this morning.

Smoothie for Constipation
1 celery
1 prune
1 strawberry
(pear/apricots/blueberries would be a good choices too, I think).

Tea for Constipation  (fennel grows really well here in the NW. You can also grow your own chamomile as well in your yard or in pots)  This tea has a very nice flavor, in my opinion)
steep with:

Other Remedies:
 Lots of walking
popcorn and olive oil


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