Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homeschooling Day One

I ended up homeschooling both of them today, since my daughter was home sick, but not too sick to do some school work at home.

Lots of emotions spinning around for me while I was doing this.

There is the joy--It is fun to teach my children and engage them in ways that seem positive for them.  There is a gaining back of my son..  for now..

Then there is the feeling of, "oh crap!" What am I doing?  I am going to miss having my two older kids at school and the quiet time with my three year old.  I have to give that up-- And it hurts a little.  There is also the feeling of "I am never ever going to be able to do my own thing"--ever. "I am always going to have a child at home for the rest of my life!"  LOL!

It is also TRICKY with a three year old who is resisting being potty-trained.  My son sits down in his chair to learn and she wants to climb up on the chair too!

All in all, though, it was a good "school-day"--We started with a Spiritual Lesson.  For those of you who are Baha'is and reading this, we talked about the first Hidden Word.  He also, read for an hour a book he is reading for a book group today at 4:30 at the library.  He did some fractions practice on IXL webiste. He wrote a story.  He read an article about the Dead Sea and how the water level is getting lower.  He did some spelling vocabulary.. He went out jogging around the block--working on increasing his stamina to go longer.

Not bad.  He was pretty busy and seemingly content about it.  I also saw a much higher quality in his work than I have seen in his class/homework.

So, that is Day One.  I really want to homeschool my daughter too..And she wishes for this as well, but it might be best if she at least finish her third grade year.  I think it would actually be easier to have three children at home all day; and follow our own rhythm with this, than to try to deal with the constraints around her school day..and the after school transition when she is tired, hungry, emotional (sometimes)--

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taking the Giant Leap to Homeschool

This is my son's last week of public school (for now).  He is in the fifth grade and is ten years old.

I feel crazy. I feel scared and stressed out.  I also feel excited and optimistic.

Over the past couple of years, I have seen a marked decline in his creativity and enthusiasm for learning.  This year, it has completely sunk.  It was very hard to get him to even go to his first day of school this year. We knew we were in for it. Usually there is at least some curiosity/excitement about the first day. Not this year.

It has always been in my mind that homeschooling was an option/even a plan for middle school.  We decided not to wait.  Currently, we are debating our daughter, also who is in third grade this year.  Not sure, yet..  I guess we will begin with one child at a time.  (Not counting our three year already at home)

I almost want to just have them all home and not be divided or have the constraint of the school schedule. It is really going to limit what we can do and when we do it.  Still, it might be good for her to finish her third grade year, since she is doing well.  She is expressing, though, that she also wants to homeschool.  We will see.

So, now, I expect my blog will have yet another shift as we explore and discover our own process of this plunge that feels so unconventional..and scary..so scary to be doing this!  I feel like someone is going to be knocking on our door demanding why we are not bringing our son to school..  Or checking up on us..or something like that.

I hope I can do this.  It is going to be quite a change.


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