Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Creating a Fairy Garden

Today, my girls and I were on a mission to create a fairy garden, and creating it was healing and uplifting to all of us, even my son, who sat in the sidelines but was infected a bit by the creative bug
 ( a little bit, I think)

Joanne's very serendipitously had a 60% off sale on garden decorations when we went there to look for some fairy garden toys. It was good timing. We found a lot of moss in our yard to add, and I'm sure we will find many things in nature now to complement the "man-made" aspects of it.

Our garden feels like a magical, serene and mystical place, and I love that we have this "energy" in our yard now, a place to play, make wishes, relax, and imagine, a place that belongs to my girls. I loved how it made them light up as we created it.

 Magic and Nature


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