Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer is Passing so Quickly

It rained this weekend. It was a wonderfully refreshing event.  In Oregon, we have a lot of rain in the winter, but in the summer, almost none!

Spring came early this year.  I feel like I missed out on the flowers and the time to garden before school was even out.  Too busy and focused on the work and energy that goes into homeschooling and a cooperative preschool to really enjoy the best season. Spring.

Summer is too hot.  We had two weeks of 90 plus weather and no rain for much longer than that.

Now, it is almost August.  One it is August, we are moving into the next stage; thinking about Fall.  The end is in front of us.

And the rain.  The hope for a more restful climate; cooler, more soulful..  Rain and clouds rather than blistering exposed sunshine.

I like the Fall almost as much as the Spring.

Another very different year of homeschooling before us.

New challenges.  Different challenges.

Last year was so hard!  It left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Angry at the failures.  The attempts at community and support that left me feeling discouraged.

A new year brings hope.  A fresh start.

I am hoping that this is the year we nail it.  This is the year, we find our rhythm, new friendships, community, exploration, and learning.  A little joy, I hope, too.

I am not homeschooling out of a whim.

I am homeschooling my children because PS was not working..  It was not enough.  I do not want my children to be lost because they do not fit into a box.

We are not conventional.

Not to be trendy.  But because we are not, by nature, a family that just "fits in"  I don't know what we are. Who we are.

I think we are sensitive ..super sensitive.. All of us.  And that comes with it both blessings and not such great blessings.  It is hard to be highly sensitive.

It also means we are driven and artistic, too..

And when I say "we" I really do mean everyone in my family. All five of us.  In one way or another.

Perhaps, it is actually quite common.

But, when trying to "fit in" It seems, not..?

Anyway, another year.  Coming up fast!

I missed gardening this year. Perhaps we can still plant some kale and fall/winter veggies.

Gardens need to rest anyway, every once in a while.

I just couldn't rationalize buying seeds and watering everyday this year.  I have so much to juggle now I didn't have before.


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