Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dehydrating Tomatoes and Fruit Leather

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my dehydrator to dry some of my tomatoes. Dried tomatoes are very useful and delicous..You can add them to pizza, soups, salads, snack on them, etc..  It is also easier to dry fruits and vegetables than it is to can them.  I like to do both.  It is nice to have some variety during the winter months.  With the tomatoes, I took off ends and gave it and x cut on the bottom to help peel.  I peeled skins by putting tomatoes in hot water bath for 2 minutes, then cold water.  Then I sliced them and placed them on dehydrator.  Took many hours.. 

During this pregnancy I have also had a huge craving for nectarines, so I thought I'd try my first fruit leather and was astounded by how easy it was.  Nectarine Leather: Peel, core, slice, and stick them in a blender with some lemon, honey and spices.  I added nutmeg and yogurt as well.  Pour onto the dehydrator sheets (or cookie sheet if you are using and oven).  And be prepared for it to take many hours. You remove it when it is dry and tough, but a little bit tacky.  Stick in a jar, or line with saran wrap. Keeps for 1 month outside of refrigerator. Longer if refrigerated.


I also decided to try it with apples.  Apple Leather: I peeled, sliced, cored, added a little water, and cooked it until it was soft, added honey(or sugar), cinnamon, lemon, put in blender then poured into the dehydrator.  My kids expecially liked the apple leather.  I have read that adding yogurt to the recipe makes it extra delcious and healthy!

And it is beautiful!

For my dehydrator, I'm not sure if I recommend it yet or not, but so far it works really well.  (It is a "cheaper one" that I got off of Amazon a couple of years ago)..so I'm sure there are ones that are much better.  But, so far it has performed quite well.  I'm not sure about the plastic, though??  I have heard that Excalibers are really good.

 ThisNesco one is similar to the one I have.


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