Friday, September 6, 2013

21 Day Sugar Detox and Learning about Paleo. Day 4

Apple spice buckwheat coffee cake
I adapted the recipe from this link and used buckwheat instead of coconut flour

On a new journey.  When I was pregnant with my third child; I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  I was put on a strict diet where I had to have a very careful combination of carbs and protein combinations.  My servings were small and frequent and I had to measure my blood sugar three times a day.  It was HARD and I did not like it and I felt very skeptical about it.  I did; however learn something, a pattern of being conscientious of the quantity of the food I ate and how each food affected my blood sugar and how long it took for my body to process carbs.  I noticed a huge difference between white bread and whole grain.  The white bread would spike me very high and I could only eat a very very small amount of it. I could get away with quite a bit more when I had whole wheat.

Well, now that my child is two and a half and I am forty; I am suddenly putting on some pounds.  My body is not being very forgiving anymore.  It is an obvious change and only just recently.  I am convinced it is the sugar and the wheat.  I realize I have to do something about it and cannot go on the way I have been.  Since my third child; I have gone back to short-cutting for survival.  No more.  She is older now, and it is time for me to put some effort back into making things more from scratch.

For me, I need something dramatic and different to really get excited about it and to mark the change. That it will be different. So, I am trying the 21 day sugar detox  .  Today is day 4.

I have not been completely on track these past 4 days.  It has been a process of learning what I am doing and figuring out substitutions.  In this process I am also learning about Paleo and the concept of being wheat free.  I don't think I want to go grain free.  In my gut, I think we need grains too.. However, wheat, is perhaps a good idea to go without...and corn too.  A friend gave me a couple of other resources that I am in the process of learning about: and

So, I have purchased some coconut flour, and almond meal, and tapioca flour.  These I will experiment with when making my pizza crust tonight.  (I also think my kids and husband could use a sugar/wheat detox) My middle child is especially a bagel/white bread addict, and she craves sugar all the time.  I am reading that wheat can stimulate your appetite..make you want to eat more.  So, I am hoping to improve my energy and to lose some weight. And also, find ways I can get my family on track too. I am on a new journey I am excited about.  I love learning new things!   While this is day 4, it has been more like each day, I've eliminated one more food while finding substitutes.  Day one-three-no sugar..  And now, I am working on eliminating wheat and corn.  I do not know if I have lost any weight yet.  I hope so, but I think my biggest goal is more of a long term change.

I hope this pizza recipe is good!  I am using regular cheese, but I want to see what this crust is like.

This week, I also make a buckwheat/apple/walnut coffee cake. The original recipe called for coconut flour, but I used buckwheat instead because I did not have coconut flour yet.  It turned out pretty good.

I am also wary of substituting one ingredient for wheat--like using too much almond or coconut..  I am guessing it may not be too good to eat too much "nut"??  Therefore, think it might be good to use buckwheat or spelt?  How much almonds, cashews, coconuts are okay to have on a daily basis?  I also do not plan to eliminate dairy either.  I have used whole organic milk, cream, and butter for a long time. Currently we are not drinking raw milk, though.  We used to.  

Sausage-Cabbage Casserole
I have not eliminated potatoes--only minimized them so far.


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